How to unlock bootloader of your android device

hello guys I'm sure cause auntie's take

ages so in this video I am going to show

you how to unlock the bootloader in your

for bootloader

is usually locked on an Android device

the manufacturer want you to stick to

the Android version OS version

specifically designed for your phone so

let's start so for this first of all you

need to a power of it device

now the power insults now you need to

press volume up and the power key at the

same time to enter in the first boot

mode so now the device is in the first

wood mode okay now let's go to the

computer for the next step

now put the FOB stripped you need to

download this to r-25 sustenance

universal adb driver setup and the

second one is android sdk sleep now this

is the zip file you need to extract file

extract here and this is the extraction

of the state striction file after the

extraction process so now let's open it

now you need to connect your android

device with the computer through data

cable so connected and that's it now

come here you need to hold down the

shift key and then write it and then

open command window here and you need

now you need to check that your first

boot device is connected properly or not

so for this you need to type first put

lysis and you can see that my possible

device is connected now you need to type

first fruit o M unlock now remember that

you must take internal storage backup

because as soon as you hit the enter

after typing mr. monk your data will be


so hit theater and the process is

finished now you need to restart your

device for this you need to type first

put reboot and

you can see that my device is actually


now the process is complete now

install custom lawns custom kernels for

your phone and you can customize your

phone that's it thanks for watching this

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