How to unlock Android Bootloader using ADB & Fastboot

In this video tutorial, I'm going to explain how to unlock the bootloader for an Android device

using your ADB and fastboot

You need to unlock the bootloader in order to be able to write images via Fastboot or via the bootloader

Before you can unlock the bootloader, you need to have enabled

USB debugging and OEM unlocking so you go under Settings

And you scroll down to About and

Then scroll down to Build Number. Keep tapping till you see You are now a developer, just keep tapping build number

All right. I already did that?

Once you've done that, you go back and should have developer options enabled here

You should see that here. So you select developer options.

Now you scroll down here and you enable USB debugging. I already have that enabled.

You might get a prompt asking you to always allow. Just tick and allow.

Then you also enable OEM Unlocking.

Its very important you enable this in order to unlock the bootloader?

Now, once you have USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking enabled

make sure you've setup ADB on your PC and then we can return to unlocking the bootloader

Now, in ADB, you need to test ADB connection by typing adb devices

and you have a detection. You are going to boot the device into bootloader or fastboot by typing adb reboot-bootloader

and you tap enter so that's going to boot the device into

Fastboot and you should see

a black screen with fastboot written somewhere on the screen. In fastboot, test connection by typing

fastboot devices

Now, you want to unlock by typing fastboot. (don't forget that the command might vary)

fastboot oem unlock

For some devices, its fastboot flashing unlock , fastboot oem unlock-go or something like that

but just try this command first and research other commands if this one fails fastboot oem unlock.

Tap Enter. Now in the screen, you're going to get a prompt asking you to press the volume up

if you want to unlock or volume down if you want to cancel so I'm going to tap the



button, and then

wait while the

bootloader gets unlocked

So I see unlock pass returning to fastboot . For me to confirm that my bootloader has been unlocked, I type

fastboot gervar unlocked

And I see unlocked: Yes, so my bootloader has been unlocked. That's how to unlock the bootloader of an Android device

using your ADB and fastboot