How to unlock ANY ZTE Phone - Easy ZTE unlocking - Use any carrier !

hey what's up guys today I'm going to

show you how to unlock any said te

mobile and by unlock of course I mean

making it able to use any network and

the carrier and any SIM card that you

want this is an IMEI unlock and it works

currently for all 50 phones using

Android Windows Phones I'm not too sure

but the androids they all work for sure

what you need to do in order to unlock

it is you go to dial and you hit star

hash o six and hash that brings up the

phone's IMEI number you write this

number down because even need it in the

unlocking later when you have the number

you need to go to the link in the video

description and you download the

unlocking guide you use the IMEI number

with that guide and you will be able to

unlock your phone in a few easy steps so

that's all you need go to the link use

the IMEI and unlocking will be easy good

luck unlocking your phone and thanks for

watching and have a nice day