Boost Mobile Unlock Phone Policy is Stupid!!!!!

hey what's up guys Tito here with the

law Android and really quick I just want

to talk to you guys about something that

you know I got a little bit curious

about so you guys may know that there's

a bunch of NVA knows that piggyback off

Sprint and not long ago Sprint basically

changed up its policies and then if

you're going to take a device that say

that they can sprint device and you want

to put it on something say like ring

plus there's gonna be certain guidelines

that you know would have to be set up

and certain things that you know fun

would have to go through in order to

pass being unlocked to go to like you

know bring plus or anything like that

now with Boost Mobile the one of the

rules behind it is that the phone has to

be activated on an account for a year

and once it's been activated on an

account for a year then you can

basically get it unlocked you can take

the device to of like ring plus or

freedompop or something like that

why does discover something pretty

interesting after talking with a rep as

I was trying to see if I can get this LG

G silo on ring plus and I've had this

device for quite some time now so I

called them to see if I was able to get

the UIC T unlock code and basically

being able to also get the device unlock

so that can be accepted to ring plus and

have it pretty much activated on there

on one of my free monthly plans with

ring plus and the interesting thing

about it is which I thought was kind of

like BS and I want to let you guys know

about this was on talking with the rep

basically what I what I got to

understand is that that whole thing

about having your device active

activated for one year that's just one

part of that they didn't even tell

anyone the other part of it which i

think is really messed up well say you

bought this phone of January 2015 that

means that January 2016 this device

should be eligible to be unlocked and

they can go and check the account to

make sure that the device is able to to

be unlocked and one of the things that

they do is they look at the history of

phones activated on your account now

recently just to make

everything was working I switched up

this phone to be my daily driver and I

switched out the same day because she

actually the rector I talked to I won't

say her name but the rep that I spoke to

she was able to bring that up she was

able to be like okay you just recently

um activated that device on July 12 and

then he switched out of that device on

July 12 yes she was unfortunately

because of that it is a lock back into

Boost Mobile and I would have to have

this phone activated for a whole year

before would be eligible to be unlocked

and I started scratching my head

something like wait a minute you know

this device is a year old to me I feel

like when it comes to unlocking device

from Boost Mobile or even virgin mobile

or sprayer it should be a year old from

the date of when it's purchased well it

was very first activated should be a

year old from there that you know

because I can understand that they don't

want people just buying phones from

boots but one activating on ring plus I

mean they're losing business that way I

mean sure the person paid one hundred

seven plus dollars for the phone but

they're not paying a monthly reoccurring

fee for a plan that you know money is

going to a different mobile service

provider so I could understand them

getting a little upset about that but

you know it it really frustrates me

because it's like that's something that

you should tell people is like the phone

has to be activated for a year and after

a year if you read if you swap it back

on to your boobs' mobile account it

starts another point for another year so

technically July 12 2017 is when this

phone would be able to be unlocked which

you know of course maybe she didn't know

what she was talking about maybe she was

wrong but that's what I'm gathering from

her and if it is that way Boost Mobile

you are really screwed that is two

things I can say that's pretty negative

about those mobile one is that they

don't allow any unlocked devices so you

can't purchase a device from like blue

you can't get like an unlock Nexus 5x or

Nexus 6p you can't get Nexus devices on

Boost Mobile that's really sad because

like a metro and on t-mobile you can get

those on there obviously

um amount ATT prepays you can get it on

there so that is a that's a huge downer

that's like yeah so you know but of

course you know it's not the lady's

fault she's just following company

guidelines so sprint boost yeah you know

you guys are screwing up on there cuz I

figure after the device is a year old is

when it should be a lot no questions


I mean I paid full price for the phone

why can't I just have a unlock right now

I've had it for a year you know but

that's that's you know that's not as fun

as ridiculous so if you have a device

that you intend to probably use on a

different mobile service provider that

piggybacks off Sprint or whatever make

sure you do not swap that device back on

to your account because if you do you

pretty much are resetting it's it's time

that it that it needs to be with boost

before being unlocked so I just thought

I might drop that for you guys if you

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