How to unlock a Boost Mobile Phone

so Samsung technical support can you

repeat what you just said go to the

service provider if you don't want to

provide it to you I understand Boost

Mobile Boost Mobile hold on ma'am ma'am

I'm speaking with the actual agent agent

agent from Boost Mobile can you hear me

sir okay

can you repeat what you said just a

moment ago that Samsung is the only one

capable of doing that can you repeat

that for me because that policy to route

that we how sir I cannot provide you to

code so between the three of us what am

I supposed to do you guys want me to

record on our end we cannot provide

examples or unwrapped devices a customer

you are the one who have the UM the

access for them we can only do some

troubleshooting on our end but not to

provide en route to the devices of the

customers okay boost boost customer

service uh so can you help me get that

one lock code okay all right so the call

to Samsung did that prove to you that

they can't unlock them and you don't

need to tell people that anymore okay

Samsung you're welcome to leave you can

disconnect thank you now

based on everything we know now what can

we do to get this phone unlocked

well how we need to get reading a lot

before okay let's do that

are you going to explain to them what's

going on or is this or will this be the

23rd time I have to do that okay who did

you speak with many no one change amigos

right now did you cancel this account

sir yes sir

all right and do you know that once you

cancel the account information about the

footage you need it for the system but

it would be my account information would

be but as far as I understand the


you guys should still have information

on my account but none of that should

really be relevant to unlocking the

phone well actually yeah because once

I've tried to get it cold I have the

option but they but these little small

window does not give me the closer okay

then I think we made it can we may need

to talk to technical support I don't

know because because you guys bailar

supposed to be able to do this for me

yes but the team is that information is

already you need right now are you

asking me to just hang up no what are

you asking me to do I didn't have he did

you talking sir

what are you telling me that information

about the phone is not right now here

with us because you cancel the account

so who has it we will have to create a

new account sir to get just that number


are we going to do that if you want for

to OpenGL yes I can go ahead and help to

opt account

Oh like pay for a new account to unlock

my phone is that what you're asking me

to do that's the only way you could

unlock it okay broke right vote didn't

we just speak with Samsung and they said

that you guys are required like they she

said she sounded like she know she's

talking about she said you guys are the

ones in charge that they sell the phone

like if I sell a car part to Honda and

it breaks I'm talking to Honda I'm not

talking to the manufacturer that little

part do you see and that's basically how

she explained it and I'm really just

confused why now you're telling me if I

reactivate the phone you can unlock it

okay I don't want to do that so do we

need to talk to a supervisor or

technical support because that's insane

I have a phone I have a service I'm not

with you guys anymore I can go ahead and

got to my supervisors about this

installation we don't have something

like a booth with a bunch of numbers to

lock phones but just like that just

because somebody get up on frivolous

mobile as you want you logic because

believe me sir I just received some

calls about like that they want to knock

before but I don't want on I I just want

to put a secondary SIM card in it and

I've never had any issues with that

before so why is it that you guys are

doing this and I've made so many calls

and been promised that I can get this

unlocked and now you're basically just

saying that you can't so let's go ahead

and let's do it let's talk to the

supervisor because I'm not into giving

up and I feel like I'm getting jerked

around all right thank you very much oh

you got the code without having to open

a new account

are you recording it God why do you ask

here that you person butter I'm on a

phone yeah right so can you give me that

code all right I've got 950 Chico 949

okay and do you have any instructions on

how I utilize that or how I use that

no just provide it go okay oh yeah I

mean I wanted the phone able to unlock

for service and I'm not sure that's

gonna suffice but I did get a number

from you so yeah that's what I asked for

if you think before we get the other

company which is Cody they're going to

be able to not be fun okay all right oh

they know how to do it okay thank you

for your time all right so you're

welcome anything else I've been to

briefing I hope not thank you all right

okay what