How to Unlock ANY Kyocera Duraforce OR Hydro Model (AT&T, T-Mobile, MetroPCS, Cricket, ETC)

hey guys it's Andrew from unlocked that

phone and I'm here to show you the

process of unlocking your Kyocera

smartphone so you can use it with any

GSM carrier in the world this process is

the same for both dura force and hydro

models so first off we need to get the

unlock to start the unlocking process

the place to get all your network

unlocks is unlock that phone calm

because we have the cheapest prices

online and you get your unlocks much

faster than other websites so head on

over to unlock that phone calm and

select your phone manufacturer and the

phone model from the drop-down list and

on the next page go ahead and select the

country from where the phone was

originally purchased from and the

carrier of the phone in my case I

purchased it in the United States and

the original care is 18 t before we

continue we need the IMEI number of the

phone and the way you look that up on

your phone is to open up the dial pad

and enter star pound zero six pound once

the phone displays the IMEI number you

have to go back on the website and enter

that in and once everything is filled

out select order now and it will take

you to the final screen where you have

to check out after checking out we will

email you the unlock the price and

delivery time of your unlock varies by

phone but don't worry because as I said

before you are getting the cheapest

prices online with the fastest delivery

times once you receive your unlock from

unlock that phone it's time to unlock

your phone but before we continue make

sure the phone is powered off go ahead

and remove the backplate and battery so

you can gain access to the SIM tray and

then you have to put the SIM card you

want to use with the phone I want to use

the Kyocera and dura force on my

t-mobile network so I'm putting in my

t-mobile SIM card if your SIM card does

not fit then you have to adjust the size

in order for it to work there's a link

below to show you how that's done once

the SIM card is in place put back the

battery and backplate and power on the

phone once it boots up it will take you

to the SIM unlock page and this is where

you enter the unlock that you receive

from unlock that phone after putting in

the pin hitting unlock you will get a

message stating that the unlocking was

successful and the phone will take you

straight to the home screen and your

phone becomes permanently unlocked as

you can see I'm using an 18 t Kyocera

phone on my t-mobile network so that's

how you unlock your Kyocera dura force

or hydro smart phone for any GSM carrier

in the world if this video helped you

guys out feel free to leave a like and

I'll see you in the next video