Kyocera Hydro Reach Full Review {Boost Mobile}

hey everyone RJ here with CV tech and

today I'm finally getting around to

doing my full review on the carry sirrah

hydro reach now I'm gonna try to get

through as much as I can with this

device today to give you pretty much my

thoughts on the phone after using it for

quite some time so we're going to let it

first of all and take you on the phone

of course this phone does have a blue

color around the front here we have a

bike back up top here is your gear

speaker this is your 2 megapixel camera

in the front

you're probably simony sensor here this

is your 5 inch display and your your

keys are on the screen for your back

home and recents button on the bottom

here the micro USB charging port this

little area here is to remove the back

cover and the microphone is right here

on the right side you have your power

button left side is your volume rocker

and on top is your 3.5 millimeter

headset jack and that's it on the back

you have your five megapixel camera your

speaker elder the flesh the front and

rear cameras do recording 720p HD and

that's all you have on the back the

battery is not replaceable and the back

is kind of hard to get also I will leave

it back on there but it does have a

protective coating around here where the

sim and micro SD card goes to keep it

from getting water in there because it

is water resistant now I'll go through

some of the specs hurriedly with you

this phone does run android 5.1 it is

ip57 certified for water and dust

resistance I said that's a 5.5 inch

display at 540 by 960 resolution at 220

pixels per inch does have an IPS LCD

and it looks pretty good to be honest

with you

like it may mention I've got a 5

megapixel camera it's got a number of

different features and moves on this

phone here and it does have a 2

megapixel camera in the front it does

have digital image stabilization which

does work surprisingly compared to some

other ones that I have used this phone

does run the one point one gigahertz

quad-core Snapdragon 210 processor with

an Adreno 304 GPU one gigabyte of RAM a

gigs a built in storage and it will

support up to a 64 gigabyte microSD card

it does have a 21 60 milli Empire

non-replaceable battery with around six

point seven days of stem by time and

around twelve hours of talktime and

that's about all there is really to this

device it does have bluetooth 4.1 it is

3G 4G LTE enhanced LTE compatible and so

yeah that's just about all there is to

this survival this is a very budget

low-end device you can pick this phone

up it came out for a hunky came out at a

hundred bucks but as the rebates and

stuff like that you can get them for

like thirty nine bucks now Walmart says

them for like $50 or $60 right now so

these phones run akin that in price and

I believe that the name Cara serie is

the reason why but don't take this phone

lightly this phone does work very well

does not feel very heavy does not feel

very you know it does feel durable and

it does feel good in the hand the 5-inch

display is perfect for this phone call

quality is really good and I love the

color on the outside and you can tell it

is kind of a fingerprint magnet on the

screen I mean it does as you see there

smear up pretty good

so looking to go ahead right now and

turn the phone up or turn the phone on

you'll see the screen it does look

really good

pull it up close here get the focus in a

little bit and doesn't it doesn't do it

justice but the screen does do really


and there is sometimes some hiccups you

know in scrolling depending on how fast

you're trying to do it and if it's

trying to you know load things up and

stuff of that nature calls this is a low

power device but it does do a good job

and it does seem to work very well so

first of all can go in here and first

thing I want to look at is the message

uncles and although people ask me does

this phone have emojis you know that's

like the number one question I get on

phones so I will go in here and the

stock keyboard is the Google keyboard as

you see here so if you go in here and

type a message and just say hello and of

course autocorrection does work well

just button down here at the bottom if

you hold it down if I can focus in right

there I don't know I can do it or not

yes not wanting to focus in too good of

it anyway it does have a coming like a

smiley face right there you scroll up

and all your emojis are right there and

it does have a number of them as you see

plenty of them too plenty of them to

choose from so if you want to mogees

this phone does come with the Google

keyboard pre-installed so it does not

have a song dedicated keyboard you know

like LG and stuff like that so yes it

does have emojis which is really nice to

see on a any device on my apps are here

your app drawer of course is here we'll

go into the settings you have your

normal setting your Wi-Fi Bluetooth data

usage go to more here and you'll see

airplane mode hotspot setting that worst

emergency alert stuff like that pretty

much everything that you see in your

normal average you know phones adaptive

brightness brightness level right now it

is pretty low Bible so go ahead and turn

it on up the brightness does get very

bright edge you see a blacked out the

whole background and it is very bright

so for I will turn it back down

or you can see everything else here

while paper sleet daydream font-size

battery percentage is in this place you

can see your battery percentage up top

to you to display sound of kitchen

storage now it does have a EAGA bikes of

internal storage now however it says 3.8

- total space now whenever I first

bought the phone turn it on to do

anything to it available was 2.99

gigabytes free so even with 2.8 - total

space after other pre-installed junk

that you can't delete you end up with


and that's given all my apps is the SD

card and stuff of that nature having

other apps that I really won't download

it I still have right at 1.5 gigs

available to Tim for me to use course

mr. cash data here if you clear that out

it will make some more available storage

got eco mode of course you can go ahead

and go in here and set all this up here

I don't do it I don't mess with it so

but it does have it battery mode I don't

really tested the battery life out on

this phone it does do pretty good I've

seen better but it's not as bad as some

people have said it is going into apps

it does take sometimes it is sometimes

it does take a little bit to get into

the apps and go into certain things but

you see here strolling over you can see

a lot of my apps is on the SD card so

that does make for more room which is

really nice get your location your


you're going here to choose your

security type from swipe pattern pin or

password lock screen background honor

info show instructions accounts language

and input and I will show you here that

the only keyboard available is the

English us Google keyboards so you can

of course you

going there and change your language if

you speak a different language

you can also download third-party

third-party apps date and time

accessibility developer options and of

course your about phone and does run

android 5.1.1 lollipop and I really

highly doubt this phone will ever see

anything above that so that's purpose

all the settings there you want to go in

here right now and play a game we're

going to run asphalt nitro it's already

loaded up so hopefully it will be loaded

up and when we start itself so it won't

take that much time to get started if it

does I will pause and come back so we'll

see you here in a second so we were

almost all loaded up now this phone did

take quite a while to get it's all set

up and you started just ain't this is

not a powerhouse by any means so we're

gonna play this game and see how it does


did you see it I don't see any drop

frames looks really good on my end

really no issues I'm in drifting and

everything it seems to react very well

without any major problems so um pretty

good job playing this game here this is

a pretty graphic content game but it

does work pretty well and going back

home takes a second but all the apps are

back and it does seem to be you know

pretty smooth with the - hiccups here

and there we're gonna do right now in

the clean master and clean this out and

I will go ahead and pause this again so

I can save some time so one of the main

things with this phone is keeping this

phone cleaned out keeping the cache

cleaned out downloading something like

clean master going in here once in a

while boosting the power clearing out

all the junk that does not need that

right there really helps with this phone

to do that quite often so like I say the

phone does run very well not really many

issues I mean it is my current daily

driver I use it it's got a nice screen

it's got a nice feel to it call quality

is great reception is great and the

phone overall just works very well so I

mean whatever opinion that you may have

if care of Sarah

um it's not always true because like I

said in my past video there are people

who want to dog this phone or phones

like this is once coming from a more

mid-range or a flagship device that

works a lot better than this phone does

I will say that and so you just keep

this phone here you were looking

compared to any kind of flag she permits

our midsize to mid-size any flagship or

mid-range device so we can go in here

right now

and run a Geekbench 3 and so this will

take some time of course so we'll be

pausing it again coming back as you see

1.09 Giga her processor which is one

point one eight hundred five megabytes

free silhouette and start just benchmark

test and while it is running for a

minute I'll give you some of the pros

like I said call quality is good

perception is good

bill quality is good there does run

smooth for the most part there's not

many issues there instant hiccups here

and there that's to be expected with a

phone of this price range but it's

nothing is unbearable nothing that's

going to make you mad I want to throw it

against the wall even if you did it may

even withstand it I don't know it's like

it's not milspec like the icon was but

it does it does do pretty well

battery life is on par you know it's not

the greatest in the world but of course

it's not the worst either some of the

negatives with the phone is the fact

that you can't remove the battery can't

put another battery in it if you choose

it is the low in power and ain't thing

like that ain't happy that it does not

have the fastest power you know of all

phones but you know it does the job it

does opposed to do and for the price

point you pay for the phone it's not

really something you can want to

complain about the camera is one of the

major fails on this phone it is

considerably better than the icon is the

voices and all are in sync with your

mouth but however it's just the rear

camera is not that great I took some

pictures with it and pictures just don't

look real they just kind of look bad I

don't really not really done a full

camera test on it which I will be doing

soon however I have sent some snapchat

videos and pictures with a front-facing

camera with this phone and they do seem

to look pretty good

I'm missing front-facing video just to

see how it looks and testing and it

looks pretty decent so I mean the front

camera does do a pretty good job it's

all in sync however you got to hold the

phone far away from your face to keep it

to where it's not like right on your

face so that's kind of one thing that

I'm not really crazy about either but

you know the camera is probably one of

the lowest points of this device but

like I said I have seen worse and it's

not you know it's not the worst camera

on the market

so I'll just talking I've been doing the

test is already done as you see this

test really low

at 295 on single core score and 968 on

multi-core score so definitely not the

best scores on the block but you know

what you SPECT from a flow of this price

range and the processor that it does run

so never going to the camera and show

you some of the features of the camera

and when you go into the camera it does

brighten up the screen considerably

there's no way to really turn that all

stop will it bring your battery here of

course is your front facing camera and

if you see the light does look pretty

good so yeah hello there and you can see

that you know in a normal lip ring it

does show up pretty well so while we're

here we'll push this button here record

in a picture is HD 1280 by 720 2

megapixel one megapixel one here to the

Settings got self timer touch shutter

video you can record in 720 480 Q VGA or

basically nothing which is our

front-facing camera here

I got your moves got normal continuous

cheatin I got your effects mode here

which you got all of the different vivid

kaleidoscope sketch fish all these modes

miniature all these different kind of

filters so no shortage of filters here

on this device scene selection we've got

all these normal person view food night

moves or stand memo manual mode which I

do prefer cutting go up into the

settings and you can choose the size of

your pictures at the 5 megapixel I'm not

taking forever on this video and I

apologize but I'm trying to get

everything out in this full review flash

self timer HDR on or off image

stabilization touch shutter and Smile

Shutter and video mode image

stabilization on or off and it does work

fairly well I will do a video off and on

to a video test on it got your light and

you're recording it's the same as the

front so a lot of a lot of features and

you do have time-lapse which is really

awesome as well so you do have quite a

bit of features on the camera and

everything and will go right here right

fast like there's a front camera again

and you have normal special effects and

manual mode for the front-facing camera

as well we'll go ahead right now and

we'll take a picture and there you go

we'll go ahead and look at the picture

here it took and there's a picture

nothing special but you know it is what

it is so that's the camera app and your

screen does dim back down and everything

that you dropped you got your drop down

here what you do have a number of

features you can edit it interruptions

hotspot you couldn't move Wi-Fi airplane

you do have a flashlight app

pre-installed it's not that bright but

you know it's better than nothing and

better than downloading one then scam

flashlight apps from the Play Store so

that's basically I guess all I want to

say go into phone here and here is your

keypad for the dollar it's really nice

really spaced out really easy to see so

yeah that's pretty much all I want to

say about the care of Syria hydro reach

I noticed 18 minutes long I do apologize

for it being so long but I wanted to get

a full review out and no matter how

quick I try to make a video it seems to

run in this long so anyway you got any

questions or comments about this phone

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