How To Actually Hard Reset The Kyocera Hydro Reach

what's going on y'all RJ here with CV

Tech and this is an update video on how

to hard reset your Kara serie hydro

reach this was a request video done a

while back and I could never get the

hard reset to actually work but now I

actually found a way to get it to work

so this will be the updated video on how

to actually hard reset your Kara serie

hydro reach let's get it started

okay everyone so here is the Kara serie

hydro reach and in my last video I got

kind of a mixed a thumbs-up and

thumbs-down a lot of thumbs up and a lot

of thumbs down because you know I tried

to hard reset this device but following

the directions that I was that I looked

up to do was not working and so I've

been messing with it a little bit and I

finally found a way to give it a actual

hard reset so let's go ahead and get

into it now of course the left 50 that I

showed showed you how to give it a soft

reset which of course is very easy to do

you just go down here push back up and

reset scroll down to access factory data

reset and follow the directions now for

all of this here if you got an SD card

in the phone I would recommend taking

the SD card out most to give you an

option to you race SD card but just just

for safety I always remove my SD card

before doing any kind of resets so of

course that's the way that you soft

reset ice quit and just power the device

off because it's got to be off of course

to give it a hard reset and the end the

hard reset instructions are very similar

but just a little bit different now of

course like I said in the last one or

like I've been like I've read you should

put your finger over the power button

and over the volume down button and at

the same time you press them down until

it pops up with a recovery screen that's

not the case

in this case here what you want to do

put your finger over the power button

your finger over the volume down button

and I'm not going to do it right now I'm

give you just kind of like an

illustration you will hold them down at

the same time until the screen comes on

you immediately remove your finger off

the volume while keeping the power

button pressed in and as soon as you let

off of the volume you press it right

back again and hold it and that will

come up to the recovery screen so I'm

going to show you that right now so but

so hence a finger over the volume down

finger over the power and now off on

there we go

recovery screen so then you'll push the

volume down just the focus in a little

bit here if you can and I always of

course wipe cache partition was just

complete and then you just wipe

data/factory reset' scroll all the way

down here just delete all user data

press the power button a data white

complete reboot system now you'll press

that phone will power off power back on

and we'll give it here just a minute so

that right there is how you factory hard

reset your accuracy right Hydro reach

and I'm so glad that I was actually able

to find this while I was messing around

with the phone because everywhere I read

said bought volume down hold the power

button to go in recovery mode never

would work could not ever get it to work

but this method here does work so just

follow those instructions and and you

got it it's going to be precise and

everything to get it do it just right

but that is how you hard reset the Kara

serie how to reach someone give it a

second here

just start up screen and show you it

will take you right back to the you know

as soon as you like you bought the phone

from factory so right now we are on this

little boost screen here and so keep

this video as short as possible and I'll

end it just as soon as I it shows up the

startup screen I just want to show you

here that it is hard reset and it will

come back to the startup screen so it is

a little bit slow of course whenever you

do a hard reset on a device so there may

be a little minute moment of silence


there we go so you see right there there

to talk back that you see on every phone

when Yuri first get it so that right

nurse shows you to the phone is factory

hard reset so anyway thanks for watching

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y'all have a good and we'll see y'all in

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