kyocera hydro wave hard reset for metro pcs/T-mobile

what's going on everybody on YouTube

this is very to stick and today in this

video I'm going to be showing you how to

make a hard reset for the hydro wave yes

so kids that are actually released in

you updates for the phone which is make

you make hard reset for this phone so

this is just happened recently and I

have done like a video before that the

Kyocera wave has no heart reset but

right now it's going to be available

this actually this one was actually a

hard reset before and there is Google by

bass over here I'm going to make a

different video guys for you to show you

how to bypass Google account for the

hydro wave as well but in this video I'm

going to show you how to make hard reset

that's going to find out

first of all just we want to have the

phone be switched off actually is going

to be very easy prices so this

technically you have recovery mode in

this phone so you can actually route the

phone or change the operating system and

etc which you're going to use to the the

power and the volume dot so you need

actually to hold the power and then the

volume down at the same time and then

after like three or four seconds you

need to risk release your finger from

the power and you're going to keep hold

on the volume down that's going to do it


once you see Android just release your

finger from the power and keep hold on

the volume down there so there you go so

you have actually the the recovery mode

so you can choose wipe data/factory

reset' and then you have to select

through the volume down then once you

get yes you have to say yes and this

actually is going to start formatting

the phone and then we'll tell you reboot

that system now and this is actually the

whole a process so this video actually

is covering up how to make hard reset

and also for more videos like that you

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going to do the Google bypasses very

soon for this device if you got stuck

with the Google Account actually don't

we worry we're going to find out the way

how do you get it done for now that's it

leave thumbs up thank you so much for

watching as always I'll catch you in my

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