Unlock Kyocera Hydro Wave Free, For Metro Pcs/T-mobile

hi everybody on YouTube this is vanity

stick back with another video I've been

receiving a lot of comments on my

youtube channel asking how to unlock the

phones for free so I am today in this

video so if you have the q0 Hydra wave

and you would like to have this phone be

unlocked where actually you can use it

with the different carrier or you can

take it with you overseas or something

like that so in this video I'm going to

show you exactly how you can unlock your

phone for free lots going to find out

before we go in the process I need to

explain a two things for you

okay so mainly right now all the phones

with metro pcs offer actually it has to

be unlocked by the saved in application

which is this is going to be

pre-installed on the phone and called

device unlock or device unlock as you

guys can see it it's going to be over

here so this is going to be

pre-installed and another thing which is

very important to you to know that the

phone has to be active so first of all

you have to have that point active or

MetroPCS network or t-mobile and after

the 90 days

this actually application it will give

you the unlocking code automatically ok

so this one it's been active more than

90 days already and I have to connect

the phone to the Wi-Fi or any kind of

source of Internet actually and then you

have to go to the application and they

will give you this actually message you

have to hit continue and the phone can

start connecting to the server it may

take some time

to try to actually generate the

unlocking code for you and then you have

to just a click or on the pavement

unlock and start going to request for

permanent unlock so you're going to

still wait just a little bit

it could take from 30 seconds to 1

minute action

and after requesting you can see this

message unlock approve device

permanently unlocked so you have just to

restart the phone or you can lose that

later on all you need to do after that

you have technically to remove the

MetroPCS SIM card or put different SIM

card and this one is a GSM and it should

work for you if you find this video very


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thank you so much for watching as always

guys as here in my next one