How to Unlock iPhone 7 for ALL Carriers (Cricket, AT&T, Sprint, Boost Mobile, ETC)

what's up guys it's Janet from unlocking

universe and today I will be unlocking

the iPhone 7 so you can use it with any

GSM carrier in the world now there are a

bunch of unlocking websites out there

and it doesn't really matter which one

you use but if you're looking for the

cheapest prices with the fastest

delivery times and the best customer

support and you should definitely check

out unlocking universe calm the first

step is to find the IMEI number of your

phone you can do that by opening up the

dial pad and typing in star pound zero

six count once the number pops up you

have to visit unlocking universe comm

and enter in all the information put in

the manufacturer and the model of the

phone on the first page and then on the

next page you select which country the

phone was originally purchased from and

the carrier of the phone in my case I

bought it from the United States and the

carrier was 18 once you hit next you

will need to put in the IMEI number that

we just locked up on the phone and

finish filling out the rest of the boxes

once you've finished checking out we

will remotely unlock your iPhone but you

need to finish the unlocking process on

your end and here's what you need to do

before we continue we need to put the

SIM card that you want to use with your

iPhone so pop open the SIM tray that

should be located on the side and put in

SIM card that you would like to use with

iPhone once a SIM card is on the tray go

ahead and slide it back inside your

phone and go ahead and reboot the device

you should get a sim invalid message as

soon as it boots up which is fine next

step is to plug in your iPhone to your

PC and open up iTunes now once you log

in and hit continue a message will pop

up sitting there iPhone is now unlocked

so that's how you unlock your iPhone 7

for any country feel free to leave a

like if this video helped you guys out