How to unlock iphone 5s & 5c

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watching jg tag blogging for today's

video I have a sprint 5c and a sprint to

5s a lot of people a lot of people I

realize they're asking me how to unlock

these two phones let me tell you from

right now

you can't unlock them with the arson you

can't unlock them with the arson as of

yet the are some 9 pro there are some

you need are some air you can't unlock

the sprint 5s and the 5c

okay so let me just say this if you want

to unlock your phone there's two options

for you you can first of all if you're a

sprint customer and you have an account

with them you've been with them for over

90 days you can call them and you have a

right to unlock your phone through that

carrier directly you can call them up

like hey I've been ho dozen with you

guys and I have an account with you guys

for over three months which is 90 days

they have do you have a right to unlock

your phone that's the first way second

way is if you go to my website

www.jfn.co.jp/toho you can't use it in

America this will be able to be used

internationally in any different country

but you won't be able to use it in

America so my advice for you guys is to

wait on it for right now the arson

company said they're going to be coming

out with a new SIM card soon and that's

going to be able to unlock there are the

sprint phones 5s and 5c all right guys

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