How to reSet iphone 7 / Unlock iPhone 7 with iTunes - Quick and Easy 2018



hello this is Nick with Nick's computer

fix calm and here's a quick video on how

to reset your iPhone 7 it's free and

easy so let's go ahead and get started

by powering off your iPhone 7 if it's

powered on and whatever is on the

display the Apple logo or hello or in

some cases it will say the iPhone 7 has

been disabled and connect to itunes so

let's go ahead and power this iPhone 7

down and we'll press the power button on

the right-hand side here and once we do

we'll go ahead and slide here and wait a

few seconds and the phone will be

powered down then go over to your Apple

computer or your Windows computer in

this case it's Windows 10 and open up


once you have iTunes open let's go back

to our iPhone 7 where we will be using

two buttons on the iPhone on the left

hand side the volume down button and on

the right hand side we will be using the

power button now let's go ahead and make

sure I want to mention be sure that the

phone is powered off and then grab your

USB plug that came with your iPhone

seven and one end goes into a USB port

on your laptop computer or your Apple

computer and then plug the lightning

plug into the iPhone but before you do

that be sure to press the volume down

button and then plug the lightning cable

into your iPhone and then push the power

button let it go you see the Apple logo

and then you will see iTunes

logo there and you will see the little

connection cable there are at this point

let's go over to our laptop and in my

case I was presented with a prompt

within iTunes that says there is a

problem with the iPhone that require

is it to be updated or restore and I

have three choices cancel update or

restore now obviously if you click on

cancel nothing happens and you're right

back where you were so you need to

either update or restore and when you

choose one or the other

you can go ahead and start using your

phone again now keep in mind this

process is great for you know if your

phone is freezing or not working

properly or if you get a message on your

iPhone that says iPhone is disabled

connect to itunes because you have

forgotten your password okay we have

come to the end of this video I hope

that you found this video helpful please

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