How To Unlock iPhone 7 and iPhone 7+ Without Password [Working Method]-[HD]-Bypass Iphone Password

this video I'm going to show you a

beautiful trick that being found in iOS

9 so it can simply hacking on somebody's

iPhone so by simply bypassing the

password you can follow this method so

what I'm going to do the exact that is

the way so again I'm going to show you

the alleged iPhone so if I type it touch

ID is actually not working so anyway we

can use a theory in order to bypass the

tax code so regulatory hold the home

button and this really would have to

come up and say that remind me to read

itself advantage

all right now you can see the theory

works like a reminder click on that

reminder so if you click on the reminder

so if we're going to take into that

reminder application so click on the

sandwich so I'm gonna click on that one

you can PDF select all options so click

on the select all option and then click

on share so you will see all these

options then click on share so when you

click on the share you can see all the

apps so you can click on the message so

in a click on the message so here it

we're going to be ask you to attach to

anything you can type anything I'm going

to have two random characters and then

press the return key so when you press

the wouldn't you notice the characters

strong into the green color so then put

on the characters again and again so now

this wouldn't take to the stage we're

going to create a new contact when you

click on create new contract then again

I'll click on the add photo then choose

photos so when you click on choose photo

this we're going to try to do the Photos

app so as soon as you get into the

photos press the home button boom your

iPhone is successfully unlocked and this

is the biggest bug that been found in

iOS 9 so this works very very great and

we can do all the way that

what I did and so one more thing I want

to talk about is do not press the Apollo

button so we turn up the iPhone when to

turn off the screen

so if we do that and next time if it

trying to do the same way it will never

work because iPhone they'll understand

that somebody is actually trying to

login into the phone so do not press the

power button so leave the iPhone itself

and it wouldn't be shown off a screen

itself so do not press the hub in the

North West be Apollo button backflip we

can get into the iPhone can hack the