(345) How to Open ANY 4 Wheel Combination Lock

everybody now this video let's show you

how to decode any of these four wheel

combination locks just you know the

wheels typically have ten numbers on

them zero through nine so you got ten

thousand possible codes and I'll link up

in the corner here doing one with a

little fuel or tool and here you can

feel the gates on the wheels and figure

it out that way however that doesn't

work I couldn't I couldn't feel anything

on this one so I'll show you the other

way to do it step one would be quit your

job and if you have a significant other

you have to leave them because this is

something just it's just a commitment

takes a while basically we're gonna do

is just brute force it I've got it set

to zeros right now and we're gonna do is

just go through all the numbers

basically go to one lift up two three



thousand 1500 2000


yep see we're open whoo oh that's pretty

lucky that it's only 20 858 on that one

no so that's that's basically how you do

it they just go through start at zero

and you can jump around and go through

like the zero to a thousand you cover

like 3000 to 4000 you can jump around

but that's how you decode and open or

open in decode any of these uh 4-wheel

combination locks that'll do it for this

video them and I will talk to everybody