Land Rover Discovery 2 - Immobilisor Lockout and EKA Over-ride

hey guys if you have a d2 Land Rover

Discovery as I do chances are that your

fob will stop working and that could be

because the receiver in the roof has

capped it assuming that your battery is

good in your fob you know and you're

seeing the red flashing light so what

can happen is what happened to me this

week in that your fob won't turn off

your alarm and you can't deactivate your

immobilizer so you sort of get locked

out on a number of levels if you've got

your battery if you disable your battery

to stop your alarm

you've got to you're going to hear your

alarm when you reconnect the battery and

if you take your fuses out for the horns

then you can't turn the immobilizer off

there's only one solution and that is to

enter your EK e ka e code which will be

with your manual hopefully someone's

written it down on a card luckily for me

the previous owners had done so and it's

a four digit code so could be one two

three four now if you jump online and

you google the process you're going to

get different approaches so this is the

right approach you've got to use the key

in the car door in the car lock Chaves

Chaves lock and you turn it to unlock

and you hold up five minutes until you

hear one single beep now that says it's

okay to enter the code you're ready and

then you have to

and in your code you enter the you go to

the left the first time and if your

number is 4/4 obviously you turn the key

to the left 4 times and you return to

sender each time once you've entered

your 4 then you go back to the right so

if it's 5 you go 1 2 3 4 5 always

returning to the center and repeat for

the third number of people the fourth

number then you turn the key to the

right unlock position to hear to audible

beeps and that tells you that you've

been successful now

some videos on the on YouTube say to

wait 5 minutes but you should see your

dash light stop flashing and you can

immediately enter the car throw the key

in the ignition and started straight

away it took me about two days to get on

top of this because I thought that I

tried to get an order I like involved

and they don't want to come out for

various reasons area flat out a booked

out for the next week and all that sort

of stuff but luckily I was referred to a

Landrover specialist who made mention of

the ek ek a code and I knew I had it I

tried to enter it the first time and I

had the wrong code so you just have to

be patient and persist and use the right

code obviously and when you get those

two audible beeps you're good to go

and you'll be operational now once once

you're in don't really lock the car

until you get it fixed one way you can

lock the car is to when you're in it

just use your your lockdown your manual

lockdown which which no will will will

lock the driver's door as well

and then you can you're not a mogul I

say then you can get out and relock the

driver's door with your key so there's

your manual override there's always a

manual override with these cars which is

good you know

sadly they tried to get a little bit too

complicated and over sophisticated we've

with with Land Rovers in 2002 it's one

of the raht started and they're now 14

15 years old we're sort of dealing with

thing you know parts going wrong and so

forth but we the benefit of users like

myself you know posting information

online and helping each other you can

get a get around them you know pretty

quickly if I wouldn't want to be the

owner of a current discovery with all

their sophistication all the electronics

and you know all the tiny little motors

for everything when they are 20 years

old because that's going to be a real

challenge for runners but so that's why

we stick with these models and this is

my second one planning to own a third

one and I've got a lot of plans for the

products that will make camping a lot of

fun in them so I hope this helps and

yeah wherever you are around the world

if you get disabled use this video and I

hope it helps you guys I hope you have

your ek ek a codes I believe that if you

call Land Rover they can give you give

you the e ka code for the car or you can

get it with a scanner if somebody can

throw a scanner on the car and then you

can get it but if your battery is

connected disconnected you won't be oh

no I don't know it gets a bit confusing

on that level and just be so just before

I finish this video I did call Land

Rover Brisbane because I'm in Australia

and sadly like a lot of Land Rover

dealers they was so far away from having

a solution really site just miles and

miles away that's really disappointing

as an owner of the Land Rover you know

the suggestion from the young young guy

there was that I try another key you

know and that means seriously you're

just barking up the completely the wrong

tree and they're fussing and farting

about my Reggio number and my you know

VIN number and all I sort of nonsense

that's it's a real pity that dealers who

have exclusive agencies for cars don't

have basic knowledge on their their

models that have been out for 20 years I

mean who would think it's just


when when the average person can come up

with a solution in two days

then why don't why not dealers have you

know helpdesk so that they give

solutions to to owners I mean surely

there would be really good marketing but

any rate that's the world that we live

in these days it's really hard to find

answers from the people that sell their

products all right guys see you later