Need For Speed Rivals 60 FPS FIX - 1080p



hi guys and thank you so much for

playing this video if you want to unlock

the 60 FPS per second in the net for

speed revolves game then you are

watching the right video so the first

thing that you need to do go to the

folder where you installed the net for

Speed game here I have the folder copy

net for speed 14 and here you can see

x86 copy this one come to the desktop

paste shortcut select paste shortcut

that's it guys very easy okay I have

here a notepad file can you see these

value guys can you see these values game

time that Max and these things Dada

taught so copy this value from here you

can find this value in the description

of my video come back to the shortcut go

to the properties of the shortcut let me

zoom it can see guys here Need for Speed

revolves in FS 1486 and exit at the last

press space button at the last and ctrl

V let me show you again here at the last

in this part we have one extra space

okay by selecting once you press the

space button and then paste your value

that you had copied that's it guys very

easy very simple apply and press ok

that's it guys you don't need to apply

any kind of crack or any kind of update

so let's jump into the game and let's

see if the performance is better and of

course thank you so much for playing

this with your staff another gamer enjoy

watching HD PC gameplay videos thanks

and have a good day let's jump to this

game and see if the performance is good

completed your first objective every

objective earns you speed points and

increases your multiple