Monster Hunter Generations: Village Key Quests

hey guys this is gaijin hunter and I

just realized that some of you may be

picking up Master Hunter for the very

first time with Master Hunter

generations it's a fabulous game but it

does not really explain how to progress

in the game so instead of stressing

yourself out and doing all the gathering

quests and all the ones that you may

consider very boring let me explain to

you what a key quest is basically you're

given a full list of quests for each

level of the village in the game but

you're not required to do all of them in

order to progress there are only a few

that are marked as key quests

unfortunately the game does not mark

these so you sort of have to know them

by either going online or just getting

lucky and doing the ones that follow the

story the NPC's are tame in this video I

want to cover all the key quests you can

go ahead and make a note of them so you

actually don't have to do any of the

quests outside these in order to

progress and technically beat the game

so to say however of course all the

other quests do unlike a bunch of other

great stuff so there's plenty of

incentive to do them but the majority of

all the gathering quests and the ones

that people find very boring early in

the game you don't actually have to do

right away so anyways let's go through

all the key quests for the village ok

for village 1 you only have a few ones

and these are mostly gathering find

affirms just has you going out searching

for a special item which you can find

all over the place in area 1 2 4 6 7 10

and even 11 the fungal hunt you mainly

want to be searching in area 9 10 and 11

just go for those mushroom things that

are on the map and then you have wipeout

which is your first kind of small

monster hunt which is against 10:00 at

Macau so just kill 10 and you're all

good and then you have one more which is

called another pack attack which is

against 10 Jaggi once you clear those

you'll unlock what they call the urgent

quest basically what an urgent quest is

is the first quest of the next level of

the game and if you beat this it unlocks

all the other quests the first urgent is

called the vaulting outline this is

against the great Macao this might be a

little frustrating for some people

because the monster does jump around

quite a bit but this is your first large

monster once you kill it it will unlock

Coco village pokey village you Comeau

village and also the second art for

each weapon in the game okay with

village first star out of the way we're

on to village two you'll have

rambunctious rent appleís which is what

mission you just kill five of them you

have the Hermit grab which is just kill

five hermit or the Djinn drum roadblock

we'll have to kill a large monster dog

and roam the land shark which is against

the large monster Cepheid roam and then

that will unlock the urgent called the

tusk tantrum which is against the Tetsu

Cobra I do recommend if you're having a

hard time if this is your first monster

hunter once you unlock the tits of

Cabrera go ahead and fight this monster

several times and make its armor it does

give you defense up and has pretty good

defense to start with so you'll find

yourself having a much less hard time if

you make this armor okay once you unlock

village three you're going to have three

quests of these that are up and all the

other ones won't be available quite yet

the desert gourmand is against a nibble


and then the next two you really need to

do in order there's the crustacean

frustration which is against a daimyo

hermit or and also the stomping grounds

which is against a yawn cuckoo once you

clear the crustacean frustration and

stomping grounds that will unlock a new

quest called a tumult mole tumultuous I

don't even know pronounce it sorry the

tumultuous sprout which in this mission

it's kind of special when you first

start this quest a Glavin s will show up

what they don't do a really good job of

explaining is that you're not supposed

to fight the Glavine s you're supposed

to say oh no and it's supposed to run

away out of the area and go ahead and

complete the quest without trying to

fight the monster because you're not

going to kill it or if you do it'll take

away too long

once you be data unlock the final two

quests which is current events against

the royal blue draweth and round the

blind against a gypsy rose once you do

all that it will unlock the next urgent

for village 4 which is the nocturnal

enchanter against the ever so

frustrating mal feste oh the new owl

type monster okay we're getting there

this is village 4 you're going to have

the wrath of the wrath Ian which is

against a wrath and of course the

serpentine samba against an azure Allah

hungry eyes which will put you up

against an agro Kouga everyone's

favorite Larkin in the murk which is

against two kisses and then a crustacean

infatuation which is against a Shogun


or now note that this crustacean front

infatuation is the first capture quest

that you're going to be made to do in

this game which means if you kill the

monster you're going to fail you have to

capture it so make sure you grab the

sock the shock trap in the box and the

to the paralysis ammo and wait until

it's limping or almost dead trap it and

then hit it with the tranq bombs and it

will capture the monster once you do all

these it will unlock the next urgent of

the Dark Age against the iana Guga

okay village five is where a lot of

people get lost because you're required

to do five quests for both co-co-co poke

gay and also you can mow village before

you can go and complete the other ones

and get down to the next village now you

technically can start these ones early

but I do recommend that you just don't

worry about it

keep plugging away so you have access to

better armor and better monsters and

then go back and redo them around this

time in the game forkel toe you're going

to need to go back to village two and do

the slay the velocity then you're going

to want to do the hunt down the velocity

which is the large monster version of

those guys then the local threat which

is against a young cuckoo and that will

unlock the village three quest called

in the wyverns den now into the wire is

done is a very annoying quest because

when you enter the area you're going to

be in front confronted by a nasty loose

this is very similar to that quest where

you encountered the Glavin s you're not

supposed to hunt this monster you're

supposed to run away from it I do

recommend that you take any type of

armor you might have that has some empty

slots by the transporter decoration and

gem that in once you have the

transporter skill it'll be much easier

to run around with the wyvern egg and

get all the way back to camp to finish

the quest once you clear all those it

will unlock the final capital village

quest called the thunderclap wyvern this

is against the ass Talos now it is worth

noting that once you beat this quest if

you are a hunter if you go to the little

I guess hidden area in the town behind

the bushes you can pull out the hero's

blade after you've completed this quest

okay next up is pokey village we have a

village to against slay the Gaea pray

village to the mountain Rough Rider

which is against a bull Fang go we have

village three a shadow in the mountains

which is against a kazoo and then this

unlocks the village to read the no go on

the Popo now just like the other quest a

gamete is going to appear in the middle

this one do not fight it just go ahead

and deliver the items that you need to

to complete the quest do all this and

we'll unlock the village five quests the

unwavering Colossus which is against the

Gama 'the okay now on to yokomo village

do the village - bye bye jagiya those

are the ones that look like Jackie but

they're kind of bigger you have to slay

eight of them and you have the village

to r0 ste as your Beast then you have

village three the real spit-take against

a royal blood Roth and then you get the

gathering quest for number three a

forest fracas now on this one just like

the other ones you're going to have an

appearance by a music Sanae but don't

fight the monster just go ahead and

complete it and then we'll unlock the

village five the entrancing water dancer

which is a bonafide quest against a

Sanae one of my favorite monsters

in this game who we're almost there

we're almost there now you can go ahead

and complete your other village fives or

whatever or do you want which is the

king roped in smoke which is a rathalos

fighter Aragon which is against an

Oregon and finally the fisherman's

friend which is against a lagiacrus once

you do all of that you'll unlock the

urgent this scorching blade which is

against a Glavine s which is kind of

like the faded four monster that

represents the new burn of village now

this is far from the end of the game but

since you've technically now gone

through the major faded four stories for

each of the villages you are treated to

a quite interesting ending and also the

staff role after you beat the Glavine s

but don't just put down your 3ds you

still got a long way to go okay with all

that out of the way you now unlock

village number six this is where a lot

of the big boys come in so to say your

first one you're going to I do is dark

wings dark work which is against egg or

Megara you have tough turf against as an

ogre tiger X by the tail which is

against a tiger X a thousand scales of

dread which is the sadeghi oz and then

Baraka dios mio which is again Sbrocco

Dios this does not unlock and urgent

because village six is actually

technically the end of the village but

this does unlock the quest called stop

the wheel which is the Shahadah Megara

which was the final boss monster in the

village for masa hunter 4 ultimate and a

very fun fight indeed once you complete

that it will unlock a quest called the

fated for which you can sort of consider

like the final sort of big quest in the

game it's against all four of the fated

four but they're in a row

it's not that bad of a quest once you do

all this you'll be pretty much done with

village except for as you complete all

the different quest lines for the

villagers it will now unlock advanced

quests which are high ranked monsters

but in the village that you can do solo

this is pretty good if you can't get

online and play with anybody or if you

don't have anybody local as the local

quest that our high ranked are monsters

with less HP than they are then their

online counterparts anyways that covers

all the key quests for the village I

will be doing a separate video for the

ones for online which is the hunter

ranks but I hope you guys enjoyed this

video and I wish you all the luck going

through the village there is a lot of

quests that you can do all of them

unlock something really cool if you go

into your quest log and check who

requested it it'll actually tell you

what each quest unlocks so go ahead and

take a look at that but all the other

big quests I think will require you to

progress online to a certain extent so

just focus on these village quests and I

think you'll be okay until next time

happy hunting