How to unlock iphone 5c |HD|

what's up everybody thank you for

watching jg tech blog and for today's

video I have a 5s - sorry 5c that's

locked to 80 as you can see right here


18 t and it's locked - 18 t what we're

going to do is I'm going to show you -

the RCM 9 pro it's going to cut all

unlocked it sins very simple alright so

right now I have a simple mobile sim

card this is right here this was the

18th tee that we had original AT&T that

was inside the phone this is a simple

mobile one that we have just try to

focus it right there the focus kind of

bad anyways this is the are some nine

priority took it out of the package just

got it to put in the sim core that you

try and insert and also make sure see

this is very important make sure that

the that piece right there is in the

back okay it's not in the front that's

how it should be that's inserted

correctly okay once it's like that put

the SIM card on top

shut it into the phone

okay you should wait by the way connect

to the wireless

if the mini comes up this is a 5c and we

have an 18 t phone set setup is okay

just need to start the phone now before

you will start the phone I want you guys

go connect to your Wi-Fi and download a

patch okay

I go to Safari and you go to I rose I

already downloaded patch and that's why

I don't need that life

bye go to I rose calm sea ir0 se calm /t

dot HTML okay once you go there you

download the patch and this is going to

be download the arrows you click on iOS

click on force to G that's it your store

the phone

give it a second to restore and then

turn it back on you should be good to

all also what I want to say is you guys

can buy these from my website

www.ihaveaspergers.webs.com line Pro

does not work on the 5c in the 5s sprint

phones only works on the ATT t-mobile

ones otherwise the awesome u9 Pro does

work for the sprint iPhone 5 and the

iPhone 4s there is no as of the now any

unlock with sim card for iPhone 4s holy

factory unlock you can also do factory

unlock through my website as well

alright that's it you see now simple

mobile is on top right there it is edge

internet at the moment maybe if I could

just focus that for you right there it

is edge so far

I've noticed that you need to have the

old simple mobile SIM cards for it to

work 3G and if you're lucky you can also

find a patch through a jailbreak the

source is either you can try ice I'm

team or neither team whichever works for

you and that will get 3G with the old

SIM card again with the old simple

mobile SIM card there you go just to

show you that this works right here

maybe just six more one

thank you for coming Morgan all right -

everything works talk text the FaceTime

works through everything else like

first-time MMS is going to be a little

bit slow because like I said it's on

edge and needs faster data for it to

work fine okay thank you for watching if

you have any questions please leave it

in the comments below and again if you

want the are streamline Pro you can find

my website at www.att.com/biz