How To Unlock Iphone 5C - Learn How To Unlock Iphone 5C

what's up guys in today's video and when

we show you how to unlock the new iPhone

5c this method will also work for the

iPhone 5s iPhone 5 iPhone 4s iPhone 4 3G

3GS any other iPhone out there it

doesn't matter which iOS version you

have it works for all iOS versions and

in this case I have an iPhone 5c from

AT&T and we're going to unlock it to use

it with another SIM card like t-mobile

or any other SIM card

SIM card out there that is as long as

this gsm alright so remember guys this

is a factory unlock which means that

your phone will be log directly to Apple

server and you can upgrade you can

restore you can jailbreak you can do

whatever you want with your phone and

you will never never lose your unlock

okay and I'm going to show you how to

get step-by-step you will only need

three things first the SIM card from

another carrier for example my phone is

for me TNT I'm going to need a SIM card

that it's not from AT&T a different one

I'm not supported SIM card alright the

other thing we're gonna need is a cable

here mr. Steve Jobs is holding a frost

and it's just to connect your computer

iPhone to iTunes and the last thing

we're going to need is a computer with

an internet connection so before we

begin I have to mention one thing

unfortunately there is no way to unlock

an iPhone 5s or 5c for free alright you

will have to pay for this method and but

trust me guys it is worth every penny to

have your phone unlocked and yeah that's

about it let's begin with the video so

you first go to the settings of the

phone let me zoom in a little bit so you

have better view there we go

I you scroll down where it says iCloud

and just make sure everything you

disable here you will have to sign in

but just make sure your iCloud and Find

My iPhone is disabled right then you go

to the phone application as if you were

making a call your phone application and

then you type in the following command

star pound zero six pound as you can see

here in the screen a 15 digit IMEI

number will appear in the screen that is

a unique number for every phone it is

very very important this is probably the

most important step of the whole

unlocking process so keep it somewhere

close because we're going to need it

later to generate the unlock or to

request the unlock for this phone so

keep it somewhere close and we're going

to switch to the computer alright

so will you open your internet browser

there we go

let me choose a camera there we go you

go to the website unlockriver.com now in

this website we're going to request the

unlock for the phone so you just need to

fill in information right on your

right-hand side here okay so we're going

to go ahead and start filling the

information of the phone let me zoom in

so me up first you select the original

carrier of the phone in this case is a

United States in TNT phone so I'm going

to look through for United States there

we go and then you are going to select

the carrier the regional carrier in this

case is an AT&T phone and then you

select the brand of your phone here you

select Apple the next up next you select

the exact model of your phone in this

case is an iPhone 5c if you scroll all

the way down you will see that it says

5c from AT&T United States so we click

on it and then it's the most important

step is to insert here the 15 T digit

ima number we got at the beginning of

the video so as you can see here just

put it here copy it paste it here make

sure is a hundred percent correct this

is very very very important if there is

let me stay here this method will not

work I'm just going to copy it listed

here I already had it type of my keyword

so um the next thing is to insert a

personal email where you want to receive

the unlock code so I'm just going to

write down my personal email

and tell me for you click on look now

you will see a price to unlock your

phone at the library time and then you

click on lock now we're going to be

redirected to a checkout page just read

everything here it is important and

we're going to proceed to the payment as

I said I'm going to show you how to do

it step-by-step so this will only take

literally ten seconds so let me just

sign in with my PayPal account and

that's about it guys right now let's

just complete a payment really quick

we're next click pay now and we will

receive a payment confirmation and it's

just a confirmation message showing that

the phone is currently being unlocked so

it says thank you and you also get your

order ID and right now I'm going to show

you how the email will look like after

you receive the unlock code I are the

unlock notification so we're going to go

to my gmail account and we will receive

an email just like this as you can see

here II you will see an email saying

your phone has been factory unlocked

successfully so we're going to click on

that email now guys here you have to

like sometimes the email lasts longer to

arrive few hours up to a few days but in

this case was really really fast so as

you can see here it says your iPhone has

been factory unlocked successfully and

you just have to follow the short

instructions that are here and I'm going

to show you how to activate the clock on

your phone there is no local guys you

just need to pull you into items and

that's it so let's do it I'm going to

show you so to make sure it works

now before we plug it into itunes we're

gonna have to do something really really

important on the phone you're gonna have

to insert a non-accepted sim card

alright for example my phone is from

AT&T as soon as you have any deities

incurred we're not going to use this

phone in this in card we're going to use

a new one a different from AT&T so let

me insert it here we're going to go

ahead put it in here

and let's wait until the phone died

still non-accepted sim card and then

we're going to plug it into items so

let's slide to unlock let's go to the

home screen and as you can see here the

phone doesn't recognize any like any

carrier it just keep searching and later

is going to ask us to activate a phone

as you can see here is this activation

required that's all ok doesn't matter

don't worry about that the next thing

we're gonna have to do is plug your

phone to your computer and you're going

to wait until like what I I Tunes is

opened as you can see in the back you

will ask us if we want to update I'm

going to skip down good for now guys and

it asked me to register the iPhone

because it's completely new I'm going to

see later that one failed to activate

well doesn't matter let's try it again

guys sometimes it takes a couple of

tries so let's unplug it and then plug

it in again and it's wait until my turns

riffin I said cancel and cancel and

later and that's it guys as you can see

on the way in on the back it says

congratulations your phone has been

unlocked that's it it's as simple as


as you can see here in the phone it says

that it already detected a phone career

and it's slightly luck and that's about

it guys the phone is now fully fully

factory unlocked forever so if you have

any questions just leave it down in the

comments below and yeah thank you for

watching the video guys subscribe bye