HOW TO UNLOCK 4TH ISO-8 SLOT ► Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 (MUA3)

hey guys welcome to Marvel's Ultimate

Alliance 3 the black order today we're

gonna be doing a video on getting your

fault slot unlocked for your ISO 8jm

crystals whatever you want to call them

so you can see in the bottom right

corner that we actually do not have this

slot available but the way to unlock the

slot is done simply and I say simply but

it's gonna take a lot of time effort

grinding and lots of tears Alliance

enhancement you'll go to your lab and

Alliance enhancement you go to your

skill tree basically and you'll see on

the 6 hexagons on the outer edges of

your main hexagon you'll see each one

has these three certain types of corners

these outer corners they have like this

weird outline on them if you see right

at the top here I'm not the one on my

yellow I'll go only yellow one it's this

one that's right here outlined look at

that one

but keep looking at it you'll see it has

a weird outlined shape to it you need to

unlock each of these three special kind

of nodes on each hexagon on each

different category here so and your

mastery one you're gonna unlock that one

this one and this woman they're quite

expensive as well they're at least cost

at minimum like a hundred enhancement

points basically so you gotta unlock all

three of them on every single hexagon on

all sides so that's basically 3 times 6

that is 18 different nodes and they all

cost over 100 so it's gonna take you

it's gonna take you some serious time to

unlock them all but you don't actually

have to unlock every single node or even

the middle one to unlock your fault slot

so that's pretty much how you unlock

that full slot it's gonna take some time

I'm gonna grind towards it - you are as

well we're pretty much all gonna be

crying to this same goddamn slot in the

in the you know to get our next gem to

get that extra bit of damage to push in

ultimate difficulty so yeah i hope this

explains to you guys if you if you

didn't know now you do

alerts on the guide section on the

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 just cord

very helpful actually so I just thought

I'd share this with you guys in case you

aren't using those resources yourself

thanks for watching dudes goodbye