Cracking a combination lock

I just found out a rather worrying but

also quite interesting fact about these

this is my standard cable combination

lock like used to lock my bike up for

years and I was going to get a second

one to take away with me when I go

touring in the summer I read a lot of

reviews of people saying how they're

actually very insecure and that you

shouldn't bother with them I wanted to

look into this and it's true I spent

five minutes googling and this is now

going straight in the bin and being

replaced by some key locks now I don't

know if there are newer versions more

expensive versions than this that are

better engineered that this trick won't

work for but it works for this one and I

thought I'd just spread the word and

show everyone so if you've got a lock

like this try this trick and maybe think

about getting something different to

secure your beloved bicycle with the

trick to doing this is so simple it's

not even a trick it's just a thing

there's my lock set to open so we close

it up randomise

the combination and now obviously it's

locked if you want to break into this

and steal my bike all you have to do is

pull on the two ends not even very hard

just to put some pressure in the chamber

and then starting with the number wheel

at the open end just go through one by

one and when you get to the correct

number you might even hear a little

click you might feel it move you just

feel it kind of bed into place and it's

slightly slightly locked in place there

so then keeping the pressure on just

move to the next wheel and go through

and again you might even have heard that

it clicks into place you can feel it the

pressure inside the chamber makes it

click into place when it gets to the

right number and you just carry on

through you can actually move it

slightly now

and you keep doing that keep going

through click click click through and

through until obviously the last one

opens the lock and you've stolen my bike

now I'm about as far away from being a

professional thief as you can get

I learned this trick 20 minutes ago and

already I can crack this my standard

everyday lock with my eyes closed in

less than a minute which in my book

makes it worse than useless so the moral

of the story I guess is if you've got a

lock like this which you use I would go

now try this trick it's actually really

cool it makes you feel like a spy or

something if you can crack yours as

easily as I cracked mine I would pin it

and get something with a key just so you

can sleep easy not worrying about your

beloved bicycle all the time this might

be old news I don't know you might all

be sitting there screaming at their

monitor how what you've used the

combination lock to look up your bike

all these years you fool surprised you

have any possessions left I didn't know

this I've only just found it out so I

thought I'd share in case it matters to

anyone thank you