hey what's up guys my name is gaming and

welcome to another quick destiny Tube

video and in this view today guys I got

something amazing to share with you guys

and that is how to get the 3rd seed of

light now the seed of lights are the

items that allow you to unlock your

supers your new supers and before you

can only get it during the raid now

there is this new way of getting one and

I got today surprisingly I didn't even

know so once you do the assignment

challenge weekly bounty for pet revenge

you get the offering and once you get

the offering go to the Oracle this is

the whole forum the Oracle thing forms

into this world path and it is a portal

in the middle you go in the portal and

there is more soft weimar stuff is right

in front of you there's a bit of dialog

and she's thanks you and then she

presents you with a gift a chest now

that is this week's Oracle gift that is

where you use your offering it's going

to be in front of you once you open it

you'll get some you get whatever loot

you care and also you get the seed of

light which allows you to get your third

pack now I've already done it I already

actually got the reward and recorder

unfortunately and I already unlocked my

super right now and have not done the

raid now keep in mind if you've done the

raid on that character and you've got

all three seed of lights you will not

get another one but there you go guys

that's your third seeds of life without

the narrator for the O's you guys that

cannot do the raid there you go there is

a third see there light now that's

pretty much it for this video guys I

just want to show this guys with you as

quick as I could

cuz it's pretty awesome like I didn't

even know about this until I just did

this chatter this bounty and I got it

done and all that Wow

anyway guys I spent much it for this

video if you did enjoy him he should

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that's with your content but other than

that guys my name is gaming have

wonderful day and as always peace out