Guided Meditation to Activate Your Pineal Gland and Open Your Third Eye [INSTANT RESULTS!!]

so in today's guided meditation I'm

going to show you a very powerful

technique that actually I adopted from

the Himalayan mountains in terms of how

to open up that third eye by activating

the pineal gland so I'm gonna talk a

little bit about it today and then we're

gonna dive straight into the meditation

which I want you guys to actually follow


in the practice of it and it's very very

likely that throughout this meditation

especially when we start activating it

and the third eye starts opening that

you will actually start seeing some

lights or some of you may even see some

visuals happen there and to be careful

not to be alarmed when that happens so

what we are actually doing we are

reversing the process when we come into

this physical world our eyes open our

third eye kind of closes now we are kind

of reversing the process to say we close

our eyes to open third eye to see

everything so we're going to do this

together and it's gonna be a lot of fun

so follow me this way

and so there's a couple of stages to

this meditation that we're going to

actually run through together it's very

very powerful okay so there's multiple

ways you can be seated

one you can be seated in su Carson with

your legs crossed this way okay another

way that will also work is you go in

half Lotus you bring the left heel in

you bring the left heel in and then you

bring the right foot so that your right

foot is facing up okay this is in

receiving so two two feet are up

receiving okay now how we're going to do

this first of all before we get into the

mudras and the meditation I like

everybody just to place your focus

towards third eye first and take your

finger and place your finger on the

third eye and just press there add a

little bit of pressure and while you're

doing that focus your attention towards

your third eye breathe calm the mind

don't be thinking because you have to

suspend thought thought must not be

going mind is usually stimulated by your

energy centers there your energy center

for survival sexual desires things that

are very human and so thoughts will

always come from here your desires and

and and your protection so you're

protecting yourself survival okay

hunger feeding yourself so these will

normally stimulate mind now we need to

suspend mine so breathe in so exhale

calm the mind and gently place the

fingers on the third eye when you hold

it there feel the pressure build up so

you've got a light pressure happening

here so a little bit like a light

headache even okay so if you feel that

pressure throughout this meditation that

is normal so please don't be freaked out

by it so hold it there breathe now while

you bring your finger here I'd like you

just to start tapping at this point when

you start stopping at this point every

time you tap there I want you to notice

there's a flash of a white light every

time you tap okay now a lot of you will

be questioning okay my mind's just

making it up maybe because I'm covering

the light and all this type of stuff but

you'll see it later without doing this

so just every time you tap to see

there's a light that's flashing there

okay very bright light start visualizing

and now you hold feel the pressure and

let go now you should be very conscious

about the way the third eye is so now

we're going to go into this very

powerful meditation it will take maybe

around 10 minutes maximum 10 to 15

minutes maybe and then we'll go through

this and then afterwards we'll talk a

little bit so you get an understanding

of what may have just happened or what

you may be visualizing remember your

mind will be the only thing that tries

to take you out of the game throughout

this your mind will say no it's not real

you're imagining it's not real you're

visualizing suspend thought don't be in

thought and just go with it because you

don't lose anything by trying so palms

are up straighten your back eyes are

closed so there's no distractions

remember eyes are closed then

eyes open look at the third eye so focus

towards the third eye take a deep inhale

under slow exhale

now I'd like you to do is on the Nexen

Hill to take a slow inhale while you


the moment you start the inhale are

likely to lock the root lock so the root

chakra you're going to squeeze almost

like you need the bathroom but you're

going to squeeze and hold it in so I

like it's a squeeze and hold that root

roots lock so you inhale and squeeze

hold then I'd like you to continue that

breath pull it up to the 3rd I notice

towards your third-eye focus that hold

the breath while you're holding this

breath notice that it's gotten brighter

at the moment you're holding that breath

just be there with the light and hold

for as long as you can when you can't

then just slowly exhale now we continue

this process and while you continue this

process I'm going to talk you through

what to be focusing on so we go again

slow inhale and roots lock squeeze

continue to lift that up

to the head until full extension hold

the breath while you're holding the

breath what I'd like you to do now is to

contract and squeeze the abdominal

muscles when you squeeze notice there's

a release of some chemicals that happen

that's activating the pineal gland

you'll feel something towards the head a

sensation and hold there and slow exhale

and I'd like you to with me now continue

doing that breath remember to lock on

full breath when it gets the top

remember to squeeze squeeze the

abdominal that's the sacral chakra and

the solar plexus when you squeeze notice

there's a sensation happens every time

you tighten and squeeze those energy

sensors now the head may be feeling a

little bit heavier continue that breath

the same breath just keep continuing

that breath for now

now while you do this now I want you to

lengthen the spine sit up nice and

straight this is your connection to the

universe from Earth energies up to the

top of the crown keep that breath going

remember to lock put the root lock on

and hold for as long as you're holding

the breath and when you can't hold any

longer against though relaxed now I'd

like you to continue to do that slow

breathing and put the focus on the locks

and holding the breath when you hold the

breath do the squeeze and continue that

breathing while you listen to my voice

while I speak right now so while you're

continuing that breath are likely to now

notice what is happening at the third

eye point so your focus is towards the

third eye notice every time you squeeze

then noticed a visual come up in the

third eye

now don't question the visual - whether

you are making it up because if mind is

thinking to stimulate a vision then you

are making it up if vision is coming

without you thinking then it is

something that you are accessing in

another dimension so as long as you're

not thinking all you're doing is just

squeezing then just observe what happens

at third eye some of you will see some

colors maybe some Purple's some oranges

even and some of you will see a

particular scenario a place an


and continue doing that breath focus

intensely continue doing that breath

while relaxing the mind and every time

you squeeze again notice what's

happening at third eye now through the

Seekers journey now you start

questioning where are you what are you

seeing and every single time take

yourself back to the last visual you've

seen every breath and continue moving

from that visual don't try to go

anywhere don't try to think anything or

try to visualize anything or we're doing

is just relaxing and witnessing while

you continue this slow breathing your

mind is calm the pressure is building up

towards the third eye but the visuals

are now slowly transforming from vivid

to becoming more and more clear continue

doing the breath work

again take a deep inhale lengthen the

back lengthen the spine sit up straight

and slow exhale now what I'd like you to

do here is to be witnessing look towards

third eye come back to your normal

breath and witness what you are seeing

who you are seeing where you are at and

where you are moving

so don't allow the mind to drift keep

focusing towards third eye and see what

you see hear what you hear feel what you

feel and we're going to be here for

another minute

and slowly take a deep inhale and relax

exhale take your palms rub them together

in front of you feel the energy in the

palms gently take your palms place them

over your eyes when you place them over

your eyes notice the third eye relaxing

and bring your sensor ease back into

this moment

now with your palms over your eyes open

your eyes look towards your palms and

visualize to see the energy coming out

of your eyes it's warming up the palm

center and recycling and going back into

the eyes and seal this energy and now

the eyes will be extremely sensitive and

it will pick up everything you see in

this physical dimension for

manifestation so it's very important to

protect those powerful energies once you

see that energy locking in close your

eyes take the palms place them over your

ears take a deep inhale slow exhale take

your palms place them on the back of

your neck inhale exhale relax the

shoulders relax the neck bring the palms

down the sides of the neck until they

meet into prayer into namaste

look down relax the neck and when you're

ready slowly open your eyes and come


so from here is feeling that feeling

that sensation observing and witnessing

certain colors or certain visuals that

make it be coming in that is already an

indication that pineal gland is being

activated every time you squeeze you

feel there's something some sensation

happening you can almost feel the

release of some chemicals happening so

on another day if you guys want to learn

more about what is actually happening

why is it creating these visuals where

are we actually going whatever questions

you have if you would like me to cover

it in another video just drop the

comments in the and down below and if I

get a lot of demand on certain questions

I'll create separate videos explain this

because it's a very deep science right

this is not something that's just woowoo

there's science behind it all so I hope

this has given you guys an indication of

how this works and give you a little

taster and a feeling of what is

happening there

obviously that simple practice of breath

work and meditation you can do on a

daily basis the more you practice it the

more you go through it the more awakened

those energies will be and the more

activated the pineal gland will be and

you'll start sensing and seeing more and

feeling more being able to sometimes

even go dimension seeing future seeing

past life also guys hope this video has

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