5 Steps to an Open Third Eye - How to Open Your Third Eye

the third eye what really is the third

eye and how do you open your third eye

let's talk a little bit about that hey

guys welcome back to tiff arrow if me

Mac here and today we're talking about

the third eye

now I previously made a video about this

already called five signs your third eye

is open now in this video I talked a

little about how the third eye is

connected with your imagination and

intuition but I didn't really go into my

steps about what it is so what I'm

actually going to do is I'm going to put

a link in the top right hand corner now

and this is a video by Sadhguru talking

about the third eye and I think he does

a fantastic job at explaining it so if

you don't know what the third eye is and

after you finish watching this video go

check his run out and watch it through

anyway onto the topic at hand opening

your third eye so the third eye can be

seen as one of the chakras that a

Jeanette chakra the chakras are energy

centers or places at which our awareness

can be presence the sixth chakra Aegina

is located right in the center of the

brow above the eyes it is connected

deeply to intuition visualization

meditation astral projection lucid

dreaming and anything to do with the

inner world as some say we have two eyes

that can see outwards with a third eye

that compared inwards into the inner

worlds we can find within the mind

so the first step when it comes to

opening your third eye is to detoxify we

live in a world where is the socially

acceptable norm to regularly poison

ourselves we can see in vast amounts of

alcohol every weekend we smoke

cigarettes we drink copious amounts of

coffee we drink lots of soda we consume

lots of sugar these are all things that

for many of us are a normal part of our

everyday life think of the third eye

like a lake if you're constantly

polluting the water it's going to be

impossible to see through so this is the

first step to remove addictions vices

and negative influence from your life as

much as possible clean up your diet

start drinking more water or even just

think entirely water and nothing else

cut down on alcohol smoking and other

drugs so there are less of a regular

thing or ideally eliminate them entirely

spend less time on Facebook or in front

of the TV and just cut out all of these

negative influences now the third eye

has been linked to the Pioneer gland in

the brain now I want to first clear up

some confusion regarding the pineal

gland connection after some research by

dr. Rick Strassman people will gather

start saying that a particular powerful

tryptamine named dimethyltryptamine was

created and released by the pineal gland

and that it was responsible for altered

state such as greens or visionary

experiences unfortunately this is quite

a leap from what the actual research

revealed the actual research revealed

that adults had very small insufficient

to cause any effects amounts of

dimethyltryptamine in their bloodstream

now they didn't actually find where this

was produced or anything no evidence was

ever found to suggest that was produced

by the pineal gland or at least under

such circumstances but this was used as

a possible theory due to its similarity

of dimethyltryptamine structure to the

structure of melatonin something that we

do know is produced and released by the

pineal gland so reason I bring this up

is I think that people are actually

missing out the key link the melatonin

has to the third eye I think melatonin

is the chemical in our brain that plays

a role in the third eyes effects

melatonin one we already know is

responsible for sleep and dreaming

whether tonin supplementation is

commonly correlated with more vivid

dreams lucid dreaming and even astral

projection so what is step 2 well you

need to fix your Mac to a melatonin

production melatonin is designed to be

produced before we sleep but it's

produced in response to darkness this

means if you're a bit of a night owl and

you have a messed up sleep pattern

you're not going to have normal natural

melatonin production so in order to have

natural melatonin production you need to

sleep at night when it's dark and be

awake during the day if you have a

messed up sleep pattern then fixing it

to the next step another thing that you

can do and that you should do it really

from the best natural melatonin

production is to try wearing a sleep

mask while you sleep this blocks out all

light from your computer skeet lamps and

so on

and since melatonin requires near

pitch-black darkness to be produced most

efficiently this is really going to help

now while you can also supplement with


I personally don't suggest doing this

without medical supervision or unless

you need to do so for medical reasons in

doing so can seriously mess up your

sleep pattern as well as your natural

melatonin production

what about calcification you may have

heard that the pineal gland can calcify

in response to flu

Rydal calcium consumption is this

something to be concerned about yes and

no I've been unable to actually find a

research or evidence to suggest that

pineal gland calcification actually

interferes with melatonin production or

its release in the slightest bit so the

common assumption that having a

calcified pineal gland is going to

prevent you from utilizing the third eye

is in my opinion unsubstantiated however

and this is quite a big however those

who've calcified pineal glands are at a

higher risk of Alzheimer's and certain

other issues when they grow older so

maybe something worth concerning

yourself with for other reasons again

though this video is primarily concerned

with opening the third eye so let's move

on to step three step three is to

visualize regularly if you've done your

research into the origin of the third

eye you know that the third eye is also

the mind's eye when we visualize or

imagine things we are seen with the

inner eye rather than last physical eyes

just like a muscle the more desire is

utilized the stronger it gets and the

better it can see if you have never sat

down to visualize before and you rarely

let yourself indulge in your imagination

you find that our best planning imagine

things you get a faint impression of

them on the other hand if you visualize

frequently you'll be able to visualize

things almost as clearly as if they were

physically there in front of you so what

should you visualize well my suggestion

is to visualize your goals completed by

visualizing yourself a few years from

now living the life that you want to

live having the things that you want to

have you helped reinforce to your

subconscious mind this is an actual

tangible reality and a real future

possibility for you this will help steer

you in the direction of your goals

now I actually use a four-step process

when it comes to visualizing my goals

and getting my thoughts and actions in

order so I can then go and accomplish

them this process has never let me down

and since I've had a lot of success with

it I decided to share it and so I

published a short concise ebook

explaining my process that we link in

the top right hand corner as well as at

the end of the video now the fourth step

is to explore these inner world through

lucid dreaming your third eye is deeply

connected to lucid dreaming while

opening your soul I can help you to

lucid dream you can also go about it in

Reverse by lucid dreaming in order to

open your third eye by lucid dreaming on

a regular basis and getting familiar

with this state you can really get in

touch with your subconscious at a deeper


so fun and very therapeutic much like

visualization you are using that inner

minds eye to see your dreams and so by

utilizing it and controlling it via

lucid dreaming you are once again

strengthening it and allowing it to open

to its full capacity if you aren't sure

how to lucid dream I have several videos

on lucid dreaming and you can find those

on my channel but I'll also link to one

of them in particular in the top right

hand corner now so you can check that


last but not least so use detoxified fix

to sleep patterns started to visualize

regularly and are practicing you see

dreaming what next well I'm going to use

another water analogy here earlier I

talked about the third eye being like a

body of water and how you don't pollute

it in order to see through it well this

time I'd like to describe what you see

using the third eye is like a reflection

on the surface of a lake your mind is

that surface of the lake itself and the

reflection is what the third eye sees

now if you disturb the surface of the

lake and create ripples then obviously

the reflection becomes unclear and

inaccurate so in order to see clearly

with the third eye the mind must be free

of such ripples to do this we meditate

spend ten to thirty minutes or more each

day meditating if you don't know how to

meditate then once again I'm going to

put a link in the right hand corner to

one of my videos explaining how to do it

so these have been five steps that you

can use to help you open your third eye

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