ICICI Bank Reset 3D Secure PIN

hello everyone in this video we will see

how to reset the 3d secure pin of your

ICICI Bank Visa credit card first open

up your web browser and enter HTTP 3d

secure dot ICICI Bank comm once the page

loads up on the right hand side you will

see an input field where it is asking

for the 16 digit credit card number

enter the 16 digit credit card number

and then click login you will be

prompted to enter your 3d secure pin

since we are resetting the 3d secure pin

click on the forgot 3d secure pin link

here on the next page where it says

reset 3d secure pin you will have to

enter the valid from date as mentioned

on the front side of your credit card

enter it and in and enter the date of

birth associated with the credit card

and then click Submit once the

authentication is successful you will be

redirected to another page where it will

ask you to enter the OTP the OTP will be

sent to the mobile number registered

with this credit card I select the

mobile number here and then click Submit

wait for the OTP to be received yes I

have got the OTP here I enter the OTP

that's a six digit number now you can

set the new 3d secure pin it's a six

digit numeric pin

reenter it and then click Submit you

have got the confirmation here your 3d

secure pin has been changed successfully

Club's all guys thank you for watching

see in the next video