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of you know if you seen my video from a

couple of videos ago I had gone over to

fortnight myself and our room we're

going to compete on fortnightly and we

told you guys you gave it our best for

two months and but basically this week

all we have been furloughed which means

I basically got three weeks now where I

have to fill my time from home I'm not

allowed to work anymore so I thought

this would be a really good opportunity

to produce content originally it was

going to be fortnight content but after

finding out how difficult that guy needs

to produce content on you know it's made

my way back tomorrow at my normal home

which is Call of Duty goes so today I'm

going to be bringing you a super super

super cool video one of our friends axis

has actually shared these helped this

heap I guess with myself and smithy and

a couple other guys so at the moment

guys apparently the meta in let me

switch the scene as you can see peace so

at the moment guys apparently this is

the meta so using the 0.35 or as some of

us will know the Magnum or the revolver

in war zone and have any akimbo so

apparently that's the matter at the

moment and most people guys might never

have used this weapon most people my

might not me you know just just rocking

with the deagle or even just running

around with a knife or launchers or

whatever and the only reason you're

really going to use that good is over

one if you already know about the meta

or two if you've been groaning camos but

guys you don't have to actually unlock

all of these you don't have to level up

your weapon as you can see there's a lot

of stuff on here and I think I'm only

level 22 right now you can actually get

akimbo a super Qui Qui so obviously

let's get smithing the lobby for a start

and then Woodsmith easy we'll be out

with sewer here about to go free lease

I'm killing anybody

I see so I goes first thing you want to

do is obviously go to multiplier you

want to head over to

anyway you can go quickly go to your

filter and then if you press a square on

here at which or then you call it Julie

so you're gonna Vasily playing ecology

league and just take off

search-and-destroy always because you

don't want to be getting into that it's

gonna be wide too difficult to do these

that's one lakh akimbo guys you have to

get three kills with the Magnum in five

different games so bounce image you have

to apply these five times and as long as

you get three kills you're that good in

that game you can then switch your class

do whatever you want just go over and

out that guy into at the end so that's

what we've done literally guys I've done

even four over four games so I've got

one left and sniff he's exactly the same

the class that I'm using it's just an m4

i one which is my standard competitive

settle and then obviously I'm rocking

the and the Magnum which I'll show you

very quickly goes on stream right now or

on the video right now so there you go

that's my class guys I will talk you

through these as the video goes on but

here we go guys so we're just gonna flow

you know I'll just show you quickly the

for kill over the three kills that I

need from the first gameplay and then

we're gonna really go we've I warzone

gameplay after these so I hope you enjoy

the video guys it's getting to be a card

of it that I might be worth doing thanks

if I got three weeks off I'm gonna be

groaning so say they say three weeks

like this will be like a four five week

thing but there's still so much going on

there shouldn't be

yeah there we go it's all done what come

up with the kimbap yeah Kim hey I did it

you killed what I ought to bro I got the

cure that's funny I think I'm more close

to yeah it didn't hit him bro locked

I think I so once you've done that after

that guys you can use it over weapon you

wanna just make sure you sad I'm out I'm

not sure how that all affects you if you

don't there we'll see you guys in the

class set apart for the war zone video

and while still just crazy sky mount I

feel so stinking good right then guys as

you can see on screen although all of

this is hidden you can see at the bottom

there that I have actually unlocks thank

you both so it took me five game

scholars to do this I in the CDI apply

least or the competitive mode whatever

you call it and running nice running the

point three five seven gunsmith all you

have to do guys ease get three kills all

games doesn't have to be in a row or did

he in a row I'm pretty sure that you

guys would be able to do this too in

terms of what I'm actually going to put

on them is actually not ideal goes

because I haven't got everything that

I'd need yeah because I do actually need

to level up the weapon a little bit but

this is a why guys that you can unlock

akimbo so that's probably your biggest

in to unlock here so I'm gonna run with

the compensator the silver field of

ordnance cuz I haven't got the next

thing I'm gonna have to use the standard

Eliza's goals because I haven't unlocked

the TAT license you can see there are

lots at over twenty six that gives me

four and then for the triggers I'm going

to put the light light trigger on just

to improve the fire out of them guys

that that's going to be me alongside

those guys put some put some spicy

combos on

that's why I said what you know

alongside that guys I'm running the m4a1

I mean it's me feel just to buy it in

the issues that we don't know what you'd

choose to run

I guess these gun guys you just answer

your preference on how you're going to

be playing if you're going to be playing

really slow and you were over going to

get really close gunfights or you're

gonna get you know lucky slop

arrangement then maybe you will choose

to run a sniper release for me and

smoothly though I think we've both gone

move assault rifles and then we've got

these on the as a secondary so we are

gonna run into a gang guys hopefully we

can get a novice can apply for your

first time but enjoy that little tip

guys and I hope that you know all of you

guys out there can use this to try and

maybe go and get some more warzone wins

let's go you peek if you think it's

boring big smiles see if I can you man

where these [ __ ] dingus there's a


we'll bring it you get that Oh banging

the boys start cutting Sean my ass think

is this time a nerds please cuz I want

to kill them there'd be are nothing

yeah won't let me fall anything I wish

had more to work with

but I was behind it in the house but I

only other from room yeah I want to

fully killed him it ever had in the near

you know I could just a good it make it

more so many wouldn't let me for the

content straight are you Vacarro of yes

yeah yeah I start saying got caught

ready Don so I'm [ __ ] boy 20 times




you know either artillery like but I've

been turning them portaloos down there

she's not having grenades and you just

train station over there more next one

we need to go for is a recon really so

we need to cool it is like the tell me

twice might mean your guardian angel

look at this man - got these do you stop

giving nap in my accident my I'm sorry

just sound saying I mean thank God you

can't put something so for suppress is

it on take in both is broke cause my

fair enough you know yo these things

would be posh Matt

so is that I heard you talk to me yeah

what's that on the mic that's hot or

just a grass mash boys me -

certainly ver actions not oh yes which

I'll buy you a there she is

you are pieces I know

that one absolute recon team on the

silos in one week on the side where's

that guy induced yeah we know is that

upstairs no building very fine let me

just net it upstairs yeah yeah oh these

are disgusting


here the guy upstairs it's an alien

killer with these just undo yeah there

is [ __ ] oh my god man


ponds are playful just wait for my pizza


good that you realize that's what you

need in the armors

I'm losing a bucketing

oh you can't even believe you didn't

that you was in the building and you was

under the bars looking at my minimap and

I was right either somebody on there

that I can't say or is it just my Mac

deechi shadows comes through scones

yes pecan it is by bucks one of UAVs I

killed somebody there as well

if you need any others what you can see

if you ever yeah


oh [ __ ] my why is always the you Falls

it's a people first Jesus Christ is a

preservative in a pile of work just to

the life Indra oh I see they just might

just get there made that ability


that was one of the best shows I've done

in my life yeah can I be now laughs you

you mean Belize anyway those mates has

been falling off grands on him yeah

where they can just revive him break is

still alive he's dead

ash not tonight this guy yeah video was

a shot enough yeah who's keen that we

killed employees landed I'll just stick

shot like you know oh my god thank you

they can't move take it you can't leave

early you know you go and cook me I

deserve you can't be on Akane cards but

we cracked in cotton these Maxim sat on

top John wait yeah where's that King boy

we got dropped

you got mating in this yeah my knees get

my I need to go sing it covered it again

don't even got a lot I need to put on a

class mom or me to put a ghost

yeah I've got goes cold-blooded and

trackerpro I'm fine oh you got you yeah

yeah yeah use yours and buying the board

I'm a job ash money for self of us yeah

tightly search reconvene holds a whole

team camping on the rooftop over there

great to get intrude on I just pinged

this Martha oh yeah get the weaker

there is I'm not going up there man it's

an ethical one of them steps these

attachment these are Kimber's I'm using

this guy back because I've got two kids

of them so as long as we get a decent

price in the trees nice game of rinse

all of us to ashes you inhale astray who

are they

some kid good on the table but I

couldn't tell you as good as something




at least in the one with the could be

they got your spare you a this hit one

be see if any spicy one more the right

I'm right you went right right look at

that oh there's the luck poor struck him

away shook the delete in the bottom he's

in the bottle is in the book refinish is

mine yeah he's made pushes his handling

a heartbeat you he's gone yeah and close

but no he is he could be hiding that's

good well I let's go first I'm hot be

there's a ladder here just probably

don't ever hear some pepper would you be

on the roof where'd you pick that gas

mask anyway cause you top of the roof

top average yep


what now at the end of all you got

geared up going out oh you got sorry for

how did we get repairs me

in the roof yeah I got somethin else

that's part of a deer Oh chunk off if

you camp I'm going say there's another

taste like never be careful yeah they

just raise the kid I know

helicopter chlamydia to me fees like you

sign my core item answer me if you saw

on the field

hello mother they said you know Stanley

goes bang this room was that you go out

on the end of a level I've obviously

gone out the other door and in between

that they've probably hired me and then

they'll come out and obviously you were

just standing there that's what happens

and he caught the wharf a scene that

they're scrapping then what in

helicopters yeah 12-gauge mother huh

yeah the cow above is where boys Landon

doubt whether you are you know this I

didn't it whipping on the drop that far

is that scorn far on Morgan's back

well let's go we'll go out this bit of

the way I told you let's get to it stand

it up got like four minutes to do that

now forgot a cold-blooded overkill cast

but he's got on the mp7 in the snore so

just drop - yeah over here I'm gonna use

it here I've got already got cozy scan

buried the if we can go back there maybe

and getting the guns back there

everything about that I could have had

more kills but I've got snipe from

another rooftop

did you write self about really wise I

was sure didn't she

I need to get to the buy box on the shoe

it is all the time for the [ __ ] men I

think something I know she always

playing it I want this by bucks

that's all I want I can get this by box

and get away I'll be happy with how are


I just need our much time released apart

why oh why you there I guess I'm pretty

sure don't strike me like [ __ ] there

get in it oh yes he come on him one

cheated the sign can you see the sign on

that no no no no I got it then must be

Java please please yeah

the idiot [ __ ] you back open it what a

week we can play this you can play the

load up the box if you wanna cuz they're

gonna have to get armor or something

bury them so handy but the ladders at

the time this is popular to see what

they do and a pop in see what to do it


like thunder well they see that bill

shut behind this you just got yourself

as off we're gonna kill that kid which

ones you get me idea oh lordy one

Charlie's earth no there's one in the


Oh get away what's in the bill event in

the building remember those speakers

binders so [ __ ] they are you know you

know you're not you know come come you


I just got across getting my building

yeah he's above me okay you can see if

I'm a heartbeat

you're alright are these kids it'll be

on another yeah your sorrow

that's on our friend there's a kid in

that building

yeah oh yeah okay one of them down on

this wall got it jumped off a thing that

kid to strip shuffles it down a bit

I put myself first now I have another

editor nice give me can you got me I'm

putting on one I'll get him I'll get him

on someone else is shooting me about

yesterday good I want to just last thing

they [ __ ] it [ __ ] this kid a big piece

that he's on top of that roof front of

this boys way they're done that on top

of their purple boys stones in Iranian

now respire now I put it oh you bought

some yeah hey just one do the free money

bro those bad you you foreign-eeze he's

[ __ ] just come around that corner on

top of the building

no idiom I'll talk about building their

home I think

so it nope.avi see you getting spun to

your right

seven kills again eight kills a seven

killed nice a giant appreciate you all

stopping by as you've seen in today's

video we did manage to get a couple of

kills with the gun and just showcase how

overpowered these goodies at the moment

I'm really wore this gun is part of the

new mouth I hope that you've enjoyed

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