COD Modern Warfare & WARZONE How To Unlock Akimbo .357 Snake Shot Dual Wield Pistol Revolver Guide


just a little fun there against bots

practicing with the jewel akimbo

357 snake shot round pistols which is

incredibly powerful and you probably

want to unlock it so you can play within

war zone or in the ordinary multiplayer

be wondering how how do you do X is a

little bit complicated so if you go into

your your weapons and you go you know

you equip the 357 and then go into the

gunsmith if you go to the perk and you

go down to the bottom where akimbo is

you'll see it tells you in in order to

unlock akimbo you need to get three

kills without dying five times with the

Recon perk attached that's how you get

the snake shots however this is this is

where the catch is that that will I

think alright okay but in order to get

the Recon perk you need to get the gun

itself up to level 36 so when you get to

level 36 you then get the Recon perk and

then you can go and then you can try and

get three kills without dying five times

and then you'll get your akimbo now the

other thing you're probably wondering is

well well by the snake shots because

when you look at the 357 normally

there's nothing there under ammunition

the ammunition the snake shot ammunition

becomes available and appears on your


at level 29 so once you've got those

then you know you can you can use the

snake shots but it you know in one hand

as a single pistol and then when you get

to level 36 you can then equip the Recon

perk and then when you get three kills

without dying five times you then unlock

akimbo which is quite difficult in

itself so that's kind of how you do it

you know the technical side how do you

actually do it physically you know to do

the levelling up at the 357 I would say

I mean you could have a go to simply

level up the game level up the gun I

would go into like one of the shipment

playlist and just run around killing

people there is a very strong argument

for playing hardcore mode because in

hardcore mode

I think the 357 most of the time is a

one-shot kill so you give me ramping

people up try and do it on a weekend

when this double weapon XP or if you've

got any double weapon XP tokens use them

to get it leveled up as quick as you can

so there we go hopefully that all

that'll help you kind of figure out so

to kind of repeat it Yanks I know it's a

little bit complicated firstly to unlock

the snake shot ammunition and to

actually see on your screen you need to

get the 357 to level 29 and then you can

put the shotgun shells in it and then to

unlock akimbo you need to get the gun to

level 36 so that you can unlock recon

and then you need to get three kills

without dying five times with that Recon

perk attached to the gun that will then

unlock a Kimbo and then you can you can

use akimbo shotgun shells well snake

shot 357 and you can go and dominate on

the warzone or dominate in multiplayer

until the AXI desire to nerf it which is

probably going to happen pretty soon and

maybe by the time you watch this video

right well I'm off the shipment to level

up by 357 and you can practice with it

like how it was there if you go into

local games you can equip whatever

loadout you want you can practice

against bots to see how cool it is

basically what you do is you pull the

left or the right tree at the same time

he fired two shotgun shells into

somebody and it kills them instantly

yes great anyway that's enough for me

hit like you've enjoyed the video

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thank you very much and I'll see you

again soon