Unlock Three Phone - Free Unlock Three UK Network

the first thing you're gonna have to do

is a go to the phone app and you're

gonna have to press the following star

hash zero six hash this way you will

find the phone I'm a number this is a 15

digit number which will pop up on your

screen so make sure you write down this

number as we will use it in the next

step okay so now that we're on our

computer now you have to log into that

website and once you're there you're

gonna have to provide some information

about your phone and look for the exact

model you're trying to unlock then that

I'm a number this is a 15 digit number

that we found out on the previous step

then you have to enter that email where

you wish to receive the unlock code as

well as the instructions you should be

receiving an email to the I know that

you provided something like this and

here you can see detailed step by step

instructions of how to insert your

unlock code there you go go back to your

phone and you have to turn it off

okay now that I go in it should

automatically ask me for the unlock code

and there you go you can see in here is

where I should enter the unlock code I

received in the email so let's go ahead

and enter the unlock code correctly make

sure you don't make any mistakes here

and after we are done entering the

unlock code you just have to press the

unlock key okay let's go ahead and press

it I should get a confirmation message

right now and there you go

the unlock has been successful