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hey guys in this video I wanted to show

you how to carry your sim unlock your

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 using unlock that

phone com any carrier worldwide but

first we need to show you how to get

your IMEI number so let's go ahead and

show you a quick little trick on how to

do that already so here is our Samsung

Galaxy Note 3 we're going to unlock it

like we normally do and then we're going

to go into our phone's dialer we're

actually going to type in a star pound

zero six pound and as you can see that

brings up an IMEI number now make sure

that you actually write that down

somewhere that you'll remember now for

those of you out there that are having

difficulty turning on your device and

getting into this particular section

here what you can do is actually turn

around your phone pull the backing off

and remove the battery and there should

be a sticker in there that I'll actually

let you know what your IMEI is now once

you've gotten your I mean I go ahead and

head on over to unlock that phone comm

already as you can see here were

unlocked that phone calm now first

things first what we need to do is

select our carrier that our device is

currently locked to so we can go ahead

and pull down the drop-down menu and I

for my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 I am

actually with Bell Mobility so I'm going

to select Bell next thing we need to do

is select the manufacturer of our device

which is obviously Samsung the next

thing we need to do is select our model

so obviously since the Galaxy Note 3 we

need to select the Galaxy Note 3 from

this massive list of supported devices

so we'll continue going along and again

this kind of instills confidence or at

least it shouldn't still confidence in

you that these people really know what

they're doing uh seeing as this is all

the different devices that they can

unlock so here it is Samsung Galaxy Note

3 Canada this is the one that I'll be

selecting for myself you guys might be

different depending on what carrier

you're using so I'll select that next

thing we need to do is enter our

currency so I happen to be in Canada as

you can see they support all these

different types of currencies but I'm

going to be selecting Canada because

that's where I'm located next thing

you're going to do is just typing your

IMEI number so I'm just going to type in

a bunch of random numbers and from that

point all you have to do is simply click

on unlock now and that'll just take you

to the next page which is your payment

selection page after you've made your

payment you can go ahead and expect an

email very shortly to show up in your

email with that unlock code already so

we've got our unlock

the male in the in our email so what

we're going to then do is actually power

our device off just like so and then

we're going to remove the back of our

device as well as the battery and then

we're going to take our SIM card from

the new carrier that you want to use and

we're going to put that in there so let

me just go ahead and jam that in there

there we go so I'm going to go ahead and

put my battery back on and then we're

going to power our device up so as you

can see actually if I was to pull down

the no Kay well that's not going to let

me do it nevermind we'll just go ahead

and unlock and this is the screen that

you should be presented with it says sim

network unlock pin this is actually

because we put in a SIM card that isn't

actually registered to Bell Mobility

which is what I'm trying to unlock so

now that I've got my unlock code I can

go ahead and type that in so I'm going

to go ahead and type tap on that brings

up my dial pad here then I'm going to

type in my unlock code four one nine

seven two zero four and then all we have

to do is click on unlock and it says

network unlock successful and that's it

that's all we had to do so then we can

go ahead and click on dismiss and there

we are it gets us into the phone and

shortly you'll see this little bar turn

or that little icon there there we go

and it's kicked in and now we have full

Telus coverage and that's basically it

guys so now you have a carrier SIM

unlock device that you can use with any

carrier worldwide go traveling do

whatever you want switch carriers it's

up to you but you've got an unlocked

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 now hopefully you

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anyways guys that's it for this one

thanks as always for watching and we'll

see you the next one Cheers