How to enable 2fa fortnite step by step

hey what's going on guys that's right

for here today I'm gonna be showing you

guys how to enable two-factor

authentication a search of epic games

for tonight once you've done that you

can oh yeah you guys can pause the video

you want to tap on that top thing that I

just tapped on so I'll take you to here

and then what you can do is you want to

tap on a visit full site so I'll tap on

that and they'll say I don't know if

it'll say that you just want to X ode so

then you'll press these three lines and

me go I'm not signed in okay just make

sure you're signed in down there okay

where says sign in and then once you're

signed in you want to go tap down search

and search to F a and then you want to

search it okay so it'll say to F a and

then epic games for tonight so tap on

this okay so it'll it'll take you right

to here so you want to scroll down to

this and then one if you keep scrolling

down you'll say get started here you

want to tap on this and you're gonna

have to sign in so I'm gonna quickly

sign in I will be right back just can't

show any email stuff private information

okay so I am signed in those actually

way faster than I thought and it'll take

you it'll take you to account settings

and password so you want to scroll down

you'll see like current password that

stuff and they'll say two-factor

authentic we want to do is you want to

do the email so you want to tap on the

email and it'll go to the email that

you're for denied accounts on so once

you get the email you want to stay on

the email thing and you'll get the email

you a code and then you want to type in

that code for that and

you'll tape it in it'll work for your

fortnight account and then you'll have

to FA you'll get the boogie down a mode

troll slash llama save the world and a

ton of other great stuff thank you guys

so much for watching hope I did do a

good job in like with the description

but yes you yeah you could also just

type in like I don't know but yeah thank

you guys so much for watching and see

you guys later bye