How to unlock a Gmlan radio

okay so I got this GM land radio the CD

player the aux port took it apart and I

listened to a bunch of videos but there

was a chip that went right there I know

it's hard to see but see how the number

1 4 5 8 still on the board there's a

black chip in between there I busted it

out okay so the radio is back in I'm

gonna put the key to the ignition we're

not going to turn it on just turn it

over and now you should see no VIN so

what I've learned to do is take the key

out this will turn off end up opening my

door and it resets everything the key

back in again no VIN to key out he'll

the door and then it works some reason

that it has to do it sometimes two times

or whatever but after that I

unless you kill power to the radio it's

not going to go back to the VIN so good

luck thank you