How to unlock radio Chevrolet/GMC radio tahoe/yukon. 2007-2012 and other models.


hello guys welcome back to another

episode so today we have a 2007 GMC

Yukon and today we're going to rip the

radio because it wasn't working and we

didn't have a communication with the

radio and we replace the unit most of

these cars they come with the PIN number

and the radio so we can up reprogram

this video there's a lot of videos on

YouTube how you can unlock some radios

by removing a little chip inside but

this radio has two chips so we're just

gonna use the tool

the Jade 24:3 before Maxie flash bro

and the application for leadership this

is much cheaper programming programming

their radio this way instead of the

soldering the little chips like I mean

sugar right now I have the already right

here so you can either disassembly and

replace these chips so they can produce

these are the deep bronze for this video

this if we choose replace them you have

to just stop

but in this case we're just gonna use

the programming to basic set up


vacation is ready

I will be selected information and you

have to pay 40 bucks to get access to

these files which is here okay cars

communicating tools communicating at the

part and we make sure the pin number is

is correct is the right one

we'll just hit next and now we have

access to all of this so we can look for

video bring you a video and it's right

here our ad ready we select that and we

hit next

he's gonna ask you the house radio with

navigation basic radio variant three we

just take a look

we know it doesn't have a navigation but

it has some video oh it looks like this

is like bass with mp3

select three


mr. Pressman radio to cd/dvd justified


communicating with dream


just wait a little bit we hit next in



we just select the latest one delay the

latest latest news calibration


but there's so many listing


select the latest players in would you

say next




you hit next anguishes weights now just

make sure you have a power source hook

to the door let about a recharger stain

stages completely bother



once the bar is a hundred percent okay

so we are almost done and it's ready

just gonna wait a little bit

ignition cycle and everything and the

radio turned off so we cannot be seized


and now we're gonna psyche of cyclic e

on and voila all radio is unlocked now

we just gonna press the turn on button


and we see that we have for life and

well as you can see the radius oh not


everything's raised I'm just gonna pick

this out already

cancel and your job will be done

here today so if you have the tool this

tool or you can find any other cheap one

they sell like like ideas within that

you can plug in here it's a special lot

up there it's like probably 100 bucks

and the programming the server's online

it's $40 and you can program any module

on this card for two years which is

pretty damn good

and if you have any questions please

comment down below and don't forget to

subscribe to the channel and thank you

guys for watching this video see you

later bye