Chevy Silverado 1500 Sierra TAILGATE LOCK Pop & Lock Review How To Install Locking Rear Handle Latch

today I'm gonna show you how to install

a tail gate latch lock on your Chevy

Silverado pickup truck years 99 to 2007

and it's linked up in the description

below if you want to buy this lock you

can just click the link to Amazon and

purchase it for your truck and I'm gonna

show you exactly how to install it

coming up in this video as you can see

it works really good so if you ever have

anything in the back of your truck that

you don't want to get stolen like a lot

of times I'll have motorcycles and it

makes it a lot harder to steal the bike

on the back your truck when your

tailgate locks not something that f-150s

whenever pickup trucks already have and

this one's actually better because it's

metal so it's not plastic where they can

just bust it out you know with a flat

head or something this is a really cool

lock it's not too expensive at all it

comes with two sets of keys and in this

video I'm going to show you how easy it

is to install alrighty so today I'm

gonna show you how to put on this

tailgate latch lock or any other GM GMC

vehicle it's linked up in the

description below and I'm gonna show you

how to install it the first thing you're

gonna have to do if you have a bed liner

on your truck is take off the back bed

liner on your tailgate so we'll do that

real quick take that off then there's

going to be one more 13 millimeter right





and then you're gonna replace this bolt

with the bolt that this lock comes with

as you can see right there comes with a

washer and then and a new bolt so we'll

move this be in will put this in the

middle hole right here then we'll put up

our tailgate and then the lock is going

to screw as you can see that bolt right

there in the center in there right like

that and then we're gonna take a







screw that in and then as you can see

we'll have our tailgate lock you take

that out and then you're able to lock

your tailgate