How to Remove Spare Tire on a Chevy Silverado

show you guys how to change a tire on a

Chevy truck this is a 2007 Silverado and

actually just changed it and I'm going

to try to save you a huge headache that

I went through alright so number one

thing is you need to get the spare off

first I already got the jack underneath

the truck well and you're by yourself

you're kind of screwed yeah put your old

tire back on and get that jack out of

there so normally you put this in here

and spin it and that chain lowers down

with the tire let me show you

Chevy's awesome secondary latch system

just called okay here's the chain you

can spin it all the way down this will

drop the tires and stay right up there

that well I'll show you what's going on

here there's a lip up inside of here

with a hook and what they want you to do

is take the jack right here and put it

underneath here and press up on this

while you're spinning the tire down to

release it let me get that out of here


okay there it is

we push that center button miss release

is over and there is a big lip inside of

here and there is no way that thing is

coming down unless you press on here ask

me how I know

okay so I'm gonna show you what they

want you to do this jack in the truck

this thing is seven inches long maybe

well it has to extend out about fifty

feet and so fast that thing goes you're

going to be here for hours spinning this

thing but I can't even make this up this

is ready yeah picture place the bottom

edge of the jack on the wheel blocks

separating them so that the jack is

balanced securely you got these wheel

chocks in the truck what they want you

to do it put these things side by side

take this jack

which has by the way a tiny little base

and it's probably going to tip over when

you try to Jack the truck truck up and

you got to balance that thing on there

that is an engineering miracle right


so you have this thing pushing up on

that center button while you drop that

and you go back and forth Mickey Mouse

trying to drop that thing and then you

get your spare tire and then you can

change it and then you can swear all you

off it was a fun job I hope this saves

everybody a little bit of a headache and

check out the owners manual make sure

you guys got a new truck that this isn't

in there and if you do well now you know

what to expect

have fun