Hotwire and Unlock Steering Chevy Silverado

hey guys this is a 1997 Chevy Silverado

1500 my friend called me he said he was

stuck out at the mudding thing had some

problems with the ignition and so this

is what we did while he was out there so

we do is take off all the plastics

around here and then pull out all these

wires around here and then you'll see

that they all run up right into there

what you're going to do is take this red

right here and this pink connect the

strip them and connect them set this one

and this one will be together that'll

set off all your accessory lights like

up here and stuff like the battery thing

will come up that's like putting the key

in like phase two and then what you have

to do is touch this yellow to it that

and the yellow was connected right up

there touch it to it it'll start it

right up that's how we did it when we

got stuck out mudding um and then also

you'll have the steering wheel lock up

on you and that was what our main

problem was because we had one of those

problems with the tumbler braking where

the spring falls out and so what we did

is we smashed the key in with a hammer

because it wouldn't go in all the way

and then I took a pair of pliers started

turning it and you and the wheel was

locked and it you can feel that the

wheel will be spring-loaded and so it

will want to return to the right and so

what you do is pull it to the left to

release the tension put the hammer the

key in make sure it's in there good use

pliers to turn it to this to try to turn

it to this position and then we just

hammered this directly with a hammer to

rattle it until it finally moved and

unlocked and so that's how you get and

then that also unlocks the shifting so

that's how we got this truck that got

stuck mudding and died and stuff back to