How To Manually Release Parking Brake Chevy Truck & SUV

what's going on fellas I've got a 2002

suburban and I'm gonna show you what to

do to manually release your parking

brake you may have to do this if your

release mechanism breaks the most common

culprit is a failure of the cable you

can either break at this point or what's

happened here it's broken down in the

mechanism so in order to release this

you're gonna have to find a way somehow

of grabbing this piece and rotating it

upward and if you do it enough it will

actually kick back the little pedal

there so I'll show you that again real

quick you might be able to do it by hand

I haven't tried that but uh yeah you

just basically get a hold of this piece

here and rotate it up and it will

actually kick this back so yeah thanks

for watching