How to unlock gm radios 2000-2005

what's up YouTube ammo Pro coming at you

once again I didn't figure it out

something that I know a lot of people is

having issues with right here I have a

an Impala and oh one Impala and my radio

locked on me and I was trying to figure

out on getting a cold

Lauren behold where I got the where I

got the actual code for the radio was

not online they want you to do a whole

bunch of stuff as and push this button

get this code push that button get this

cold call this number and then they give

you the runaround on the phone now what

I have discovered is I went online

looking for how to get the little codes

for this radio I'll show you right here

this radio babe I am it's the regular

stock radio CD player and they have this

special code so it only reads from

whatever type of car it came out of now

find it out on this one it did not come

out of this Impala it came out of a

Malibu you know I'm saying and you

wouldn't know that I wouldn't know that

just by looking at it because it's

pretty much the same what I did was I

went and did research and found out like

serial numbers in codes on these radios

which is on the side here sometimes

you're able to figure out which vehicle

it came from now I ain't even trippin on

all that I'm for to save y'all a whole

bunch of time because I know there's

other people there's two other people


that's bullshitting y'all on how to get

this radio come and unlock this radio

it's this one guy on there I got to see

his video he was an honest dude and he

told he spoke the truth and I think his

name is pan or Pam or something like

that I don't

member thank you thanks to him I figured

this [ __ ] out I'm not gonna even lie but

for people who hadn't ran across this

video and they run across this video

right here I'm for the school you guys


okay first of all when you try to take

this - take the radio out the - you have

to take this whole thing out the whole

thing and what you do is you have to

unbolt it from this side and then you

have to go over there to the driver side

and unbolt it from over there and and

you have to unbolt these two bolts here

unbolt this whole section right here

this whole thing right here you have to

unbolt and then finally this radio oh

and don't forget about taking this ring

out if you don't take this ring out

you're just gonna you'll be still

fighting over here it'll it'll break or

you'll be you'll be disgusted if you

don't take it out take it out anyways

Dan you'll be able to pull on all of

this dashboard and this whole front

piece comes out the car now after you

get that off the car and you get the

radio in your hand BAM

you open up the radio I figured out you

open up the radio and you see all these

little circuit boards see this is what

it looks like when it's brand new

so they've got the little bubble they

put the silicone bubble over it or

whatever the one you want to take out is

over here in this radio you wanna you

want to take a is over here in this

corner way over here now if you look at

it it's already wrapped in a bubble and

I still have to peel the bubble off now

after I peel the bubble off I'll come

back to the video and then you can see

what it really looks like so bear with

me for two seconds okay now I didn't got

this bubble off and if you look right

here I don't know if you can see it I'm

trying to get this phone to zoom in and

be correct so you can actually see

what I'm talking about come on baby I

know you got it

come on galaxy there we go

anyways those this one right here is the

one that needs to be removed not the

second one not this one but the first

one over here needs to be removed you

have to take this one out now I don't

want to tell you what to use to get it

out but you want to get it out neatly

you don't want to sit here and just tear

it out the car and then you'd be like oh

it doesn't work at all so please make

sure you take it out the best way you

can the way I figure you use is a

soldering gun to heat it and maybe some

tweezers or something to get in there

and grab it

that's probably what I'm gonna do or you

get you a nice sharp Zach toe knife and

cut the little the little bars each bar

and flat head screwdriver and pick it

off that's another way but what you have

to do is you have to make sure you

remove that first once you remove that

the radio will finally work without

being locked that means you could take

it out of this car you can go put it in

the Malibu or if you just don't want to

work it if you're really good with

wiring you can wire it up you can use it

in the house or whatever you want to use

it for oh man you know some people use

them for like garage you take them in

you build your little system for the

garage to play the music it is cool I

built I built one before but I used like

a new school in - radio with the TV but

that's what you do now I'm gonna remove

it and after I remove it I'm gonna come

back and then we're gonna plug this bad

baby up and we're gonna see if it works

in front of you guys if it don't work it

don't work if you do work it do work but

I know it's gonna work so I'm gonna come

back to you once I'm starting to plug

this in all right

okay I'm back here now I didn't remove

that one little piece as you notice now

it is missing let me show you up close

so you can see what I'm talking about

see how it's gone now it's missing now

what I did was I took a flathead

screwdriver and I brought it in through

the side right here turn the radio

sideways and I just tapped it with a

hammer Pat and it came right off so now

we're gonna hook this [ __ ] up and make

sure it works okay I'm gonna make sure

it works all right okay here we go

excuse me with the fumbling and the

bumbling because I'm using one hand I

try to do this duct thizzle okay radio

and the radio is in just push this

together for down and there you go now

only default that you probably have on

your radio as you notice this is a CD

player CD player but you now have this

cassette here saying that it's a

cassette in the cassette player but

you'd notice you have no cassette player

so that's the only default wait hold on

well let's make sure let's make sure we

ain't heard none yet I don't want to be

chipping you guys put in a track due to

copyrights because you know how you to

be doing you let me see if I can find

let me get something here and then we

can actually play that's like my track

or so

I said we got it

there you go excuse us TV scratches old


so there you go YouTube people with them

GM's that need to get that radio fix

that radio from this [ __ ] ass

company anyways that's how you go ahead

and fix it that's how you do it so you

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right Dan peace