Chevrolet Radio Light Bulb Replacement How To

this is a Chevrolet radio and it still

works very well except that the

background light bulbs are burnt out so

I'm going to repair them the background

light bulbs are behind the faceplate and

they illuminate the buttons and numbers

when you turn the headlights on in the

car the first thing we'll do is remove

the knobs next I'll turn the radio over

and I need to remove the bottom cover

because the faceplate has wires that are

plugged into the circuit board and these

must be disconnected and they're

accessed through the bottom cover so

this is I believe a 3/16 bolt and this

is a 1/4 inch bolt so we'll remove these

there are a few bolts on the back as

well that need to be removed now all of

the bolts are removed and I can remove

this bottom cover there are two sets of

wires coming from the faceplate they

both need to be unplugged from the

circuit board now that the wires are

disconnected I can remove the faceplate

I'll use a small screwdriver to gently

lift these clips and I'll move around

the faceplate doing this

now that the face plate is removed I

need to remove all of these small screws

there are 1/8 inch hex head butt a pair

of pliers will work as well if you're

very careful

I've removed all of the circuit board

mounting screws now I need to remove

this nut which holds the power knob to

the plastic frame it's secured to the

circuit board so it will come out when I

remove the circuit board

this plastic frame can be set aside now

I can access the light bulbs there are

10 of them in all and they need to be

removed by desoldering them from the

other side and replacing them with new

bulbs on this radio all of the bulbs are

burnt out so I'm just going to remove

all of them I'll use a soldering iron to

heat up the backside of the bulb and

I'll pull it out from the front side

so there's a burnt out bulb I'll just

remove all ten of them and then I will

replace them with new bulbs

and that's the last bulb and here's what

the faceplate looks like with all of the

old light bulbs removed here's the

carnage right here I'll be replacing the

original bulbs with a similar bulb that

it's not identical but it's the same

watt rating you can buy these at

RadioShack they're a 12 volt 60 milliamp

bulb the new light bulbs have very long

wires attached I don't need that much

wire so I'm going to cut off all but

about 3/8 of an inch so I'm left with

just two short wires on the bulb to

install the new bulb I'll push it into

the holes where it belongs and while

putting light pressure from the front

side I'll heat up the solder on the back

and move it into place

and we want the bulb to be perpendicular

to the faceplate and very close to

touching the faceplate so I'll just

slowly move the bulb into position and I

think that is good it's important to

make sure that the bulb doesn't stick up

too far from the faceplate you can test

to see if it's the correct height by

comparing it to one of the original

bulbs as you can see that one definitely

is not too tall if the bulb sticks up

too much the circuit board won't install

correctly on to the plastic frame when

you're finished next I'm going to trim

the excess wire from the back of the

bulb and I'm going to add a little bit

of fresh solder to the connection where

the wire comes through I'm going to add

just a touch of new solder to make the

connection better

one down nine to go when doing this job

make sure that you don't get any solder

or conductive material between the two

light bulb terminals that will result in

a short-circuit and it definitely won't

be good I haven't had that happen but it

might fry the whole radio it might blow

a fuse but it definitely is not good so

watch out for that when you're doing

this job now I'm on the last bulb so

I'll solder it into the circuit board

and that's what the circuit board looks

like with all of the new light bulbs


I didn't replace this one because it's

not a light bulb it's just an LED so be

careful not to mistake this one for one

of the burnt-out light bulbs now that

I've installed all of the new light

bulbs into the circuit board I'm going

to install the circuit board into the

plastic frame be sure that all of the

light bulbs are perpendicular to the

circuit board the circuit board should

just slide right into place if you feel

any resistance take it back off and

figure out what's causing the resistance

because it should just slide right where

it needs to be you can tell that it's in

place by the alignment of the screw

holes and this one looks good so I'll

reinstall the 1/8 inch hex head screws

that's the last of the 1/8 inch screws

so the next step is to turn the

faceplate over and install the nut over

the power knob the next step is to

reinstall the washer and nut over the

power switch now I'm going to reinstall

the faceplate on to the radio chassis

make sure the wires are properly fed

through the metal frame of the radio and

the faceplate will snap into place next

plug in the connectors

the last step is to install the bottom


the bottom cover is now secure and the

last step is to see if the operation was

a success by powering it up and seeing

if the background lights come on I'll

turn on the power just like Christmas


thanks for watching