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How to Dispose of Roundup Weed Killer | Video | Roundup UK

now once you've used all your roundup

products you've got to get rid of the

container the best thing to do is to

rinse it out with a little bit of water

it's probably enough let's hop back on

give it a swirl I just pour it onto any

waste ground where you don't want

anything to grow and whatever you do

don't pour it down the drains or the

toil or the sink

put it on some waste ground like that

start back on and that can go in the

usual domestic household waste

now some sheds have some roundup that

hasn't been used for a couple of years

by all means give it a go it could well

work but if you're not happy doing that

go to the roundup websites and if you

search disposal you can then put in your

postcode and you'll get all the details

on how to get rid of any unwanted