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oh look how gross it is


welcome to Texas beard adventures I'm

Brad Hiller your host and today we're

gonna be changing out an anti rod in a

water heater I'm here in my garage and I

have smelly water coming out of my

garage faucet and it smells very much

like rotten eggs one of the reasons for

rotten egg smell coming out of water

pipes could be the anode rod this is an

anode rod I got this inner rod from

Ferguson but you can pick them up at

Amazon or your local hardware store Home

Depot I'll put a link down below to

Amazon where you can go purchase one

that will get rid of the right next melt

in your water heater so go visit that

link if you want to go get one for

yourself after watching this video

it's a sacrificial anode rug and what it

does is it sacrifices itself so that

there's not a hole rusted through the

tank of the water heater itself so it

gets deteriorated it really it literally

gets eaten up by the water hard or soft

what happens is is they get deteriorated

and the magnesium gets released into the


and it makes up this bacteria compound

it starts smelling very heavily of

rotten eggs that's on a magnesium one

this one is zinc aluminum it's got a I

think it's ten to one ratio don't quote

me on that but what we'll be doing today

is we will be taking this anode rod out

of the top of this twenty gallon water

heater you're gonna need a half inch

ratchet with one in 1/16 socket and then

you're going to need of course a

Phillips screwdriver to take the skin


if you've got a 20-gallon also a 40

gallon it will actually be going through

the top of this metal plate that goes on

the top okay so you won't have to take

anything apart just have to get your one

in 1/16 socket and your ratchet and

you're gonna have to give some pretty

good tugs on it because it's gonna be

tight so let's go ahead and start this

disassembly here and yeah see what this

thing looks like before you start doing

anything on the water heater go ahead

and do me a favor and unplug it or hit

the disconnect because nobody wants to

get shot what you're gonna want to do is

you're gonna want to shut off the water

valve these I've got just some half-inch

valves here typically you're gonna see

either some type of gate valve or a ball

valve and you will go ahead and turn the

handle off to the cold water feeding the

heater and then you'll open this Popoff

valve right here and that's gonna

relieve the pressure and then you won't

have anything coming out of here okay so

let's go ahead and see if we can get

this taken out alright so what I had to

do is I to go to the truck get this pipe

wrench stick it on this top edge here

and the skin kind of sandwich it there


it's horrible so all the magnesium in

the water is making the rotten egg smell

this is calcium here they recommend

changing these things out every three to

five years so we'll get our new one drop

it down in the hole okay we'll go ahead

put our finger on it this is our last

pencil you can use a marker pencil

whatever you want

then we'll get our measuring tape so

this this sat down in the water heater

twenty-one inches so what we want to do

is want to measure from the threaded end

here and we want to be an inch or two

off the bottom so it was it sat down in

there twenty-one so let's go ahead and

cut it at 19

that'll give us a couple inches off the

bottom we will cut it right there on the


there we go all right before we put it

in the hole in the water heater we're

gonna go grab some bleach and drop it

down in there all right so we just got

our cheap Walmart brand Clorox bleach

and on a 40 gallon water heater what

I'll do is I will use this whole gallon

but on a 20 of course what I'm going to

do is I'm going to use half and what

this does is it kills the bacteria and

and it also kills that sulfur smell

inside the water heater and after you

put it in there you let it sit for about

an hour or so and then let it let all

the faucets in your house

run flush all that bleach out of the

system all right so I got a funnel here

we'll start pouring the bleach in it

doesn't have to be exact just more or

less or like they say in espanol Morales

so now this is a rector sealed true-blue

and I use this on the threads

I used to use teflon tape and pipe dope

now I've just gone to this true blue man

this stuff works really good it can be

kind of messy so just be careful it will

not come out of clothing so don't get it

in you don't get it on your clothes

don't get it in your hair it's not

peanut butter so don't eat it

it can be you could be kind of liberal

with it but just know that whatever it

gets on it's gonna be on there for

probably at least 24 hours on your skin

on your clothes like that's true blue

right there from I don't know a year ago

it ain't coming out install slipped

right out of my fingers

go ahead and make sure you always get it

started by hand I just put that ring the

socket on there and just tighten it down

that way you make sure you don't have a

cross thread hey we'll go ahead and turn

the water back on you always want to

turn the water on slow you turn it on

real fast you shock the system you don't

want to do that you ball put a pipe

right apart water's back on

I'll go get a rag we'll dry this up

right here let's go go ahead and plug

this water heater in we're gonna let it

get warm start working and then here in

about an hour or two we'll go ahead and

open up the hot water this what heater

only serves this sink but of course if

it's a whole house water heater you're

gonna have to go to every fixture every

hot water fixture because your hose

bibbs aren't gonna have hot water to

them but laboratory kitchen sink toilets

not gonna have hot water so you don't

have to worry about flushing it shower

live sinks stuff like that go ahead and

run them run them until you can get a

thing of water in your hand smell it and

then when you don't smell that bleach

smell anymore you're good go ahead and

shut it off and pick up your tools and

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out there knew the reason behind the

rotten egg smell because I mean not

everybody knows that it's the anode rod

that a lot of times is the culprit of

the situation so do me a favor and drop

that comment well it has been about an

hour and I'm gonna go ahead and start

draining the water

you just let that run I hope you enjoyed

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