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hello my amazing friends I hope you guys

are doing super well today my name is

makenzie and I'm so happy that you're

here today I am coming with a video to

you guys talking all about my skin and

my skin journey because I know we all

sometimes have skin issues unless some

of you are the lucky few that don't have

any skin issues like my boyfriend's he

has perfect skin and he does nothing to

his skin so yes maybe you guys are some

of the lucky ones but if you're like me

and you've been struggling with it

you're not alone and I'm here for you

and I just want to share with you guys

my journey because it's been quite a


so I actually wanted to make one long

video I'm talking about my skincare

journey and then my products but it just

was so long that it just was getting to

be too much like I was going borderline

like 45 minutes so I just thought okay

I'll just I'll just do a couple videos

and share with you guys my story and

then also the skincare products

so today is going to be all about the

journey so without further ado let's get


it's actually really cool that I was

filming YouTube videos during this whole

time because you can see where my skin

was like super good and then you could

see where it started to slowly get worse

so it was about February 2017 where I

started to get little pimples and I'm 27

years old now and at that time I had

just turned 24 so I was very weird it

was super strange that I was getting

little pimples on my face I just thought

okay this is like really weird I'm not a

teenager anymore

I had usually pretty good skin I mean

when I was a teen I had some hormonal

acne but it definitely was not as bad as

like little pimples on my cheeks like I

just never had that so it was super

weird and I was thinking oh maybe it's

mold in my apartment maybe it's stress

cuz you know 2017 and 2018 was a pretty

stressful stressful time for me so uh

yeah I just was thinking oh maybe it's

that you know it'll clear up it's fine

um but it slowly started getting worse

I just started getting more pimples I

think it was on this cheek it just

started kind of like coming up and it

just wouldn't go away like they just

stayed for forever it felt like anyway

yeah they just wouldn't they wouldn't go

away and it just started at first I was

like okay maybe this is just something

that's you know it's just stressful

period but when I noticed that it just

was continuing to stay yeah it started

to worry me a little bit it wasn't ever

that bad at that time but I just started

to notice how it was sort of affecting

me and how I felt like like I just I

look like I am NOT taking care of my

skin that's like what it started to look

like and this is before it got really

really bad and you know I had gone

through a stressful period in my job at

that time and then I had been in Hawaii

for a couple months I did notice that it

was also not really improving when the

stress was going away when I was

relaxing a lot and you know people told

me lay in the Sun it'll dry out your

acne like yous acne products like you

you know use salicylic acid like I just

I I was getting so much advice from all

over the place and I didn't know what

was the right thing for me so it just

slowly progressively got worse and then

I started traveling in Italy where it

was pretty okay but actually started

clearing up a bit and I was also eating

a lot of vegan food as I was going along

so I was staying with friends who were

vegan so and I noticed that my skin was

clearing up I was feeling very happy

very joyful I had then moved to Berlin

and I was meeting all these new people

and going out all the time and it was so

much fun so my skin was clearing up a

little bit at that time I did have some

pimples here and there you can see in

some of the videos that I was filming I

also had very long hair so I would just

like put my hair

this so you couldn't really like see the

the pimples and yeah that was that was

one of my ways of like hiding it on

YouTube so it's actually it kind of

funny um I then met my current boyfriend

beer and then it was just so much fun

with him he wanted to go out all the

time and go to parties and meet lots of

new people and have German beers and

beer cartons and then summer came and we

were just like living the high life the

whole summer traveling going all over

the place and then my skin got really

really bad like it was to a point where

I just started having these like

horrible little pustules just coming up

all along here all along here my

forehead was always pretty okay but yeah

it was mainly like in this sort of

region here on my nose a little bit and

like this sort of area was very

irritated and very red and yeah I just

was not taking care of it I was in the

Sun all the time especially during the

summer it just was like I was always in

the Sun drinking beers having a good

time not wearing sunscreen like you know

going home late not washing my makeup

off my face like it just was very it was

everything auntie which I could have

done before but now that my skin was

starting to become more sensitive it

just couldn't handle it anymore so I

started to become concerned because it

was starting to look very very bad and I

just didn't know what to do anymore I

just was like okay so let's start taking

care of it so what I ended up doing was

I started you know washing my face I

started to adopt some better habits

washing my face twice a day and using

moisturizers and I noticed that it still

like wasn't going away so for me usually

once I start taking care of my skin then

it just would get better but it just

would stop going away and I I noticed

that it was characteristically in this

area here and it was very very red and

it wasn't my typical like pustules

like AK

acne pustules it was like very irritated

spots and I also noticed I had a lot of

like broken blood vessels here if you

looked like very closely so under all

the redness and irritation and little

irritated spots there was a lot of

broken blood vessels so yeah I just

remember being like okay I don't know

what this is I don't think it's regular

acne because I'm not a teenager it's not

in the hormonal areas it's in this like

interesting place just there everywhere

else is fine

and I noticed my triggers son and

drinking and any like rubbing or

anything like that like using a makeup

wipe to take off my makeup was making it

irritated so I started to educate myself

a little bit more and I started googling

like okay I'm adult I'm an adult and I'm

getting these very red spots and they're

not like regular pimples and these are

my triggers and of course like google is

not always the best place to be looking

but it started to come up with rosacea

and I thought okay this is very

interesting because it's not going away

I'm starting to take a better care of my


things like salicylic acid like I bought

like la roche-posay effaclar like all

these things that I thought were gonna

make my skin better we're actually

making it way worse so I just thought

okay like maybe it's this rosacea so I

started getting like rosacea products so

I used the eminence organics like calm

skin care line and what that actually

did was I actually started to make it

better my skin looked great like the

redness went away but then what happened

was I think I was in Mexico at the time

of my family for Christmas and I was in

the Sun a lot and I had a huge flare-up

and I think what happened was that I had

a big flare up and then I covered it

covered my face with all of this stuff

that was like this really thick like

moisturizer and thick cleansers and I

think what it did is just sealed all of

the the bacteria

and I know I keep like going like this

also because they don't want to touch my

face so I was just like but yeah I think

it just like sealed all the bacteria

into my skin so then little pustules

started coming up and it looked like a

combination of acne and a combination of

rosacea so at that time I was pretty

sure that I had rosacea but I wasn't

sure why the rosacea products were not

clearing up my skin so it just

continuously like it's just like every

month a new pitbull showed up every

month a new flare-up came and every

month I had a new scar a new start spot

on my face and so it just started to

accumulate and it just started to look

very not taken care of I felt like I

looked older like I just I just really

noticed it just did not it just my skin

just was not healthy and there was

something that he needed to change so

actually I had come to Amsterdam to

start looking for work when my boyfriend

decided to move from Berlin and I was

like I can't do this on my own anymore I

need some help so I went to an

aesthetician and she was very very

helpful here in Amsterdam she said you

know let's do some chemical peels let's

get rid of this bacteria and she taught

me some some things that I needed to

know like don't touch your face like I

had knew these I had known these things

before but yeah I just I just did I kind

of ignore them don't touch your face

like don't use like a washcloth like

cleanse well always wash your hands

before you touch your face and change

your pillowcases like all these things

and also she said the heat is really

really tough so just try and take like

don't be in the Sun and try and just

like keep your skin cool because that

was another thing I just noticed like

the heat was just making it worse and I

had noticed that the previous summers

wear as well like it just was not doing

well and and you're up here they don't

really have air conditioning so it just

was like heat all the time so I think

maybe that was also

little bit of a contributing factor but

anyway so yeah so I signed up for four

chemical peels with her and it was

really great because she was able to be

gentle with my skin and it all cleaned

out and then also we would clean it out

and then she would do the peel to take

like another layer skin off and then she

would use um I don't know it's like Oh

infrared light or something that killed

the bacteria so I noticed that the

actual like bacterial bacterial pimples

went away like they totally went away

and yes that was amazing and I was so

happy about that and that was when I

started to notice like even more so how

many broken red blood red blood vessels

I had on my on my cheeks so that was

what I really was like I think I have

rosacea but I think I just have

incredibly sensitive skin to the point

where like being out in the Sun at all

is gonna cause a flare up drinking

amounts of alcohol consecutive days in a

row it's not good for my skin also I was

in Berlin for a year and a half or so

and everywhere that I went there was

always like cigarette smoke everywhere

and I'm also pretty sure that was a

contributing factor so yes it just was

like okay I just need to deal with this

now because the acnes away I know I need

to wash my hands every time I know that

I need to use products that are very

sensitive so I got some products that

were just like super for super simple

sensitive skin like super simple and

that's just what I did I just left it at

that I just had a cleanser and an AM and

Apia moisturizer and the am had

sunscreen in it and then the PM oyster

Iser and that was all and that was when

I started to notice my skin was clearing

up and yes so now I have some more

products that I use but for the most

part I rarely ever get any pimples I did

go to the doctor and get a prescription

for rosacea so they did diagnosed me

with rosacea and they did

me that rosacea it can look like acne so

I think I just had a combination of the

two but yeah my skin is now almost

totally clear I think I have like one

here because I went exercising with

makeup on yesterday so that was really

not a good idea

but now it's like I it's more in control

whereas before it just it just couldn't

yeah I don't know I just couldn't get

ahold of it it just was it was really

not nice and I don't I also don't know

maybe it was also the water in Berlin

because I'm in Amsterdam so I I moved

from Berlin to Amsterdam and now

Amsterdam like I don't notice any

problems like nothing's really coming

back like occasionally I'll get like a

little spot on my cheek and then it goes

away so yeah I don't know maybe maybe

that's part of it like yeah and I did

hear that water is a bit harder and like

there's more minerals and in Berlin in

the water so I don't know it could be

that so again if you guys are struggling

with any skincare just know that like

you're not alone and also it doesn't

mean them it's gonna last forever I

think just learning about your skin

learning what your triggers are and also

you know I I didn't take any medication

but if that's something that you hear

from your doctor or a doctor or multiple

doctors then maybe it's it is time to

take some medication I did hear from

Mike because I I went to two doctors and

the esthetician and they did tell me

like the doctor previously did tell me

to go on accutane and then this doctor

now she said that accutane wouldn't have

helped so I think it's really also

important to make sure you get a proper

diagnosis of what is going on with your

skin looking back I for sure have

rosacea like I'm actually a bit sad that

it wasn't caught earlier but now we know

and now everything's been working out

really well and I feel like you know I

can wake up and I

so scars and everything like that so if

you are suffering with any skin issues

just know you're not alone and I think

you're beautiful in your own way and who

cares if anybody is saying anything

about it because I had people commenting

on my skin and I and I know how hurtful

it is so I can completely relate so let

me know in the comments if you guys have

any questions I'm going to be filming

another video all about my products so

I'm very excited to share that with you


and yeah if you have any questions

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bye MA