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This Japanese Method Will Help You Get Rid of Belly Fat Fast


this two-minute ad a Japanese weight

loss method can help you get rid of that

pesky belly fat in just one week

this method is easy and has been proven

effective at bringing great results in a

very short period of time belly fat is

the most difficult fat to lose it looks

unsightly and can ruin your confidence

no matter what you try to do it's very

difficult to get it to fade away no need

to feel helpless though this technique

has been scientifically proven to help

you accomplish your weight loss goal a

Japanese actor known as Miki Rhea Suki

discovered a technique to lose weight

fast he managed to lose twenty eight

point seven pounds and four point seven

inches from his waist in just a few

weeks he stumbled upon this method and

its effectiveness when it was prescribed

to him as a back pain relief exercise it

all rests upon altering and accelerating

the fat metabolism of your body fat is

made up of oxygen carbon and hydrogen

when the oxygen we breathe reaches these

fat molecules it breaks them down into

carbon dioxide and water the blood then

picks up the carbon dioxide and returns

it to the lungs to be exhaled therefore

the more oxygen our body uses the more

fat we will burn let's take a look at

the method stand upright and tighten

your glute muscles put one foot in front

of your body

placing most of your weight on your back

foot then breathe in for three seconds

while simultaneously raising your hands

in the air above your head as you exhale

use your whole body to push the air out

of your lungs

forcing most of the air out during the

first part of the exhale make sure you

tighten up your entire body when you

push the air out your exhale should last

seven seconds the difficulty is in

continuing to push when you've run out

of air to exhale and do this around six

times each it should take about one

minute repeat the process at least twice

every day it may sound and look simple

but you will definitely start to feel

the difference after the first few


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