get rid

Rock removal

just kind of give you a video of what I

need done here's the street where you

could park your truck so you can see

it's all flat and then we'll just walk

to the back yard where all the rocks are

as you can see it's generally pretty

flat easy access playing room here and

then there's just this fenced opening in

my chain link fence here and then here's

where all the rocks are excuse you can

see the kind of all over and what about

this size kind of fit in your hand and

extend all the way to this area i

estimate about maybe like a 300 square

foot area at most is just about one to

two rocks deep but it's mainly just

spread out that's all let's back here up

to up there

and you see a sort of kind of stops

along here statu not too bad along the

edge of the fence kind of freak then

thinned out the main concentration is

just kind of kind of in this area right

here I'll just pan across here

and that's it