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Safe Way to Get Rid Of Cockroaches in the House, And Kitchen Cabinets without an Exterminator

hey guys welcome back to my channel and

today I'm going to share with you my

personal experience and yes I can truly

say it from a personal experience that

this powder mixture truly works guys as

after I began this I found that

cockroaches and random corners of my

house as this is a much cheaper and

better solution to a cockroach problem

than using the commercial poison

although them you know numerous options

available in the market that promise to

help you to get relieved of you know

your common household troubles but they

are really of any great health plus they

are you know toxic which may pose health

threats to your loved ones as well so

before you go for those exterminators

try out this natural and safe remedy

because it's even more effective at

solving your problems so as I know that

cockroaches are you know most of the

times annoying not just annoying they're

disgusting were to be witnessed in any

household but more than you know

discomfort to your eyes they could be

the reason behind some major health

issues to family as well as they just

enter into homes and the search of food

water and shelter and once they have

infested an area they can multiply

quickly posing a threat to your comfort

and health and it's very important to

get rid of them before an infestation

occurs so cockroaches are known to carry

bacteria that can result

food poisoning diarrhea allergies and

skin rashes in large numbers they can

also produce a foul or door but there's

no need to panic eyes because you're in

the very right place and before they

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update in the future so to make this DIY

cockroach killer the first thing you

will need is the baking soda and as we

have already discussed that how

beneficial baking soda could be

it's the good option to control and

prevent the growth of cockroaches and

other insects in your premises as it

dehydrates the best exoskeleton and

damages the digestive system thus

leading to their death

so simply add three rats of baking soda

to a container the next thing you will

need is sugar now sugar is very

important for this process as it

increases the effectiveness of the

baking soda and baking soda should

always be used along with the sugar as

it really helps to attract the

cockroaches to the borax and you simply

have to add one part of the sugar to it

now the last but not the least is the

refined flour so yes instead of throwing

out their fine flour that had expired I

decided to do something useful with it

by creating a cockroach killer powder

and that is right

the refined flour is the effective

cockroach killer at its natural and not

non-toxic and can you know alternative

to poisonous commercial cockroach

killing formulas that are advertised on

television so simply add three parts of

the refined flour to the container and

mix all the ingredients very well


now simply pour some of the mixture into

the shallow containers and place that

shallow containers of your cockroach

killing powder in corners and areas

where you think cockroaches often roam

now the sugar in the mixture will

attract the cockroaches to eat it and

the ingested baking powder or the baking

soda will expand inside its stomach and

this effectively kills them from you

know inside out and the container must

be shallow enough for cockroaches to

easily reach the mixture inside so keep

in mind guys

and although the mixture isn't toxic to

animals or children's and such small

dose it's still probably best to keep it

out of their reach sensor you don't you

know want them to touch or eat thing

like that cockroaches do so if you

really found this video helpful do let

me know in the comment section below and

if you have any questions you can ask me

as well in the comment section below

thanks for watching take care bye bye