get rid

How to KILL ROACHES in your car or home with PEANUT BUTTER AND TAPE! NO CHEMICALS and EASY!!!

in this video i want to show you how to

build a better roach trap you don't want

to i saw

somebody put some of the sprays and


bug poisons in their car and you don't

want to ride around with a poison


so uh just make it out of tape so here's


you see the blue tape here let me show

you what's on the back side of it

lots of little roaches so the good thing

about just seeing the little ones that

means that

the big ones are probably gone well

uh and you're catching all the little

ones that means they won't

spread here's another one another trap

this one's got some big ones and i

looked at it earlier

so you can tell that

you know this has been in here two or

three days

so the stuff on the back side of the

tape there is just little dabs of uh

peanut butter and these are um

maybe the size of a dime or smaller i'd

go smaller

but it really works well

and just lay them in there you can lay

it on the carpet

and lay it light gently or

you can put them on there i've even put

them on the seat

i uh caught some on the seat like this

just lay it on the seat like that

but then somebody might come and sit in

it so i put them out of the way

right here's a good spot i just touched

one two corners

uh some on the other side

let's see yeah yep see the roaches all

over the place

there's going to be a ton of roaches

under there

you catch them like this and you do that

for uh a few days

and you'll knock their population just

about out

i use this to totally clear vehicles of


roaches before i also have

another little rig i did with the same


this is a clear uh package like

strawberries or i think grapes came in


and this is really nice my wife would

prefer this kind

because uh but look at the roaches in


so after we ate the grapes we just

uh washed it out and i just laid the

tape in the bottom

with the little spots of three little

spots of

of peanut butter and

so to kill them now you can either put

them in uh

you can put them in hot water a bowl of

hot water after you microwave it for

two or three minutes or you can leave

them out in the sun if you want to do


you can set them on an ant bed if

there's an ant bed around the ants will

eat them up

i mean you could take them out and spray

them with poison but that

defeats my purpose i don't want to use a

poison to show you one spot that gets a

lot of them

right here in the middle i guess where

we have our drinks and our coffee

uh you can see the small piece of

tape there and i won't lift it up but

believe me

it is full of roaches now i'll keep

doing this for two or three more days

maybe uh maybe longer the good thing is

you really don't have to change this out

they'll just keep adding and adding and

adding to them

so to me you can do this in your home

you can put it

beside the refrigerator they love to be

around the refrigerator

maybe in front of the refrigerator where

the air blows out

and i have i have

totally eradicated roaches out of rental


doing it that way and that way i don't

have to have poison in the house

if there's babies around little children

i sure don't like to

use poison so it's just an idea


it's a way to build a better roach trap

there might be better ways but this one

really works well

thank you