get rid

How to get rid of roaches forever will be available soon

hey what's up guys this is rod and in

this video I'm gonna teach you guys how

to get rid of roaches in your home once

them for good okay you never have

roaches if you follow my instructions

this is not putting a bandaid on the

problem this is not going ahead and

slowing down the problem this is getting

rid of the ropes just once overall but

I'm going to step into my vehicle

because it's hot out here and I don't

want to sweat in the video and also my

battery's gonna die so let me go ahead

and plug up my phone really quick give

me a second here alright guys well guess

what this is it I'm sure you've seen a

lot of videos on YouTube about this

situation all different things people

tell you to do but if you follow this

instructions you will never have roaches

again okay as a matter of fact this is

the video that pesticide companies do

not want you to see they do not want you

to see this so I'm going to talk fast so

we can get through all this within 15

minutes okay the reason why I say that

pesticide companies don't want you to

see this video is because we're

pesticide companies their job is to play

on your emotions and get your money

until the next time you call them back

out for the same thing and then get your

money again and then guess what it's not

about getting your money it's about

getting money off that address okay so

whatever address that you live it guess

what you're not the only person that has

lived there you may not be the only

person that's ever called from that

address and you're probably not going to

be the last person to ever call a

pesticide company from that specific

address okay so they make money off of

planting band-aids on the problem so

that once the roaches come back again

they can get a call to make some more

money off that address okay that's what

happens all right what I'm going to

teach you is how to get rid of roaches

once and for all

it's got to be embarrassing sometimes to

have family and friends over and you

have roaches crawling on the floor on

the wall you know on your silverware on

your cups the plates etc you don't want

them to see that alright so we're going

to fix this problem once and for all I

don't care how

how bad your situation is now what I

want you to also keep in mind is you

can't be weak

all right you can't be weak you are in a


all right you are fighting against these

roaches to stay out of your house once

and for all with that being said in life

anything worth having takes hard work if

you think that you're just gonna put

down some bait or spray something and

that's going to fix your problem or some

trap or whatever the case stop listening

to the BS alright what I'm going to

teach you takes hard work it takes hard

work and it's going to take some money

if you're not willing to invest money

into fixing your problem then guess what

you don't care about your problem if

you're not willing to invest time and

hours into fixing your problem you don't

care about your problems so just live

with the ROS problem for months and

years but when I'm going to teach you

for absolutely free should be costing

you money but I'm gonna give you this

information for free that way no matter

what home you live in you can take this

valuable information with you what you

have to do is you have to stop the

roaches from having access to your home

so when you see a roach in your kitchen

the reason why you see a roach in your

kitchen is because you gave the ropes

access to your kitchen or your bedroom

or your bathroom wherever it is you gave

them that you didn't mean to do it

because you didn't know any better leak

or because you just choose not to put in

the work

so let's talk about what you have to do

to finally get rid of roaches I'm gonna

give you a process I'm gonna give you

step-by-step instructions what I did and

the apartment building that I was living

with living and that have 50 million

roaches in it but not only that the five

thousand square-foot home I live in now

I completely stopped the roaches in this

home okay

I have been living here for five years

and I have never seen a roach in five

years inside the home

okay do I see roaches crawling around

outside this Florida yes I do but I've

never seen the ropes inside the home in

five years so let's talk about it the

first thing you need to do is you need

to remove everything from your home it's

gonna take some work you need to take a

day if you have a family member or some

friends you need to gut your house okay

you need to gut your house why because

it is easier and you need to get

everything out of your home because

roaches are always crawling around so

what you need to do is you need to get

everything out of your house I mean all

the plates all the silverware all the

boxes all the clothes everything it's a

good idea if you rent a u-haul or

something and then put everything in

there or again you can put everything

outside but if you're not watching it

constantly then guess what

maybe something will crawl back up in

there I don't know but if I were you I

would get a u-haul a big u-haul big

enough for everything you own bring

everything outside and go through

everything go through your drawers go

through your your dressers go through

everything and make sure I mean eating

your kitchen chairs it could be a roach

up under the kitchen chair you need to

get everything out of the house you need

to check everything and after you

inspect everything you need to put it

inside the u-haul and we know that that

is clean okay that's what I would do if

I were you once you have done that

process the next thing that you need to

do is you have got to get some of this

it's called bangle rope spray okay

Bango ROH spray is by far the best rope

spray that there is on the market you

can order from Amazon or you can get it

from Lowe's you can get it from Home

Depot and maybe your supermarket or

Walmart okay

Bango not any other brand of rope spray

no traps no nothing Bango this is

expensive it's about 15 to 17 dollars a

bottle okay you're gonna need some money

it's not any cheaper on Amazon you know

why because it's so valuable that

there's no discount for going on Amazon

and getting this it's the same price as

retail it's the same price on Amazon if

you can get it locally it's much faster

you don't have to wait for it to be

shipped if I were you it's gonna depend

upon the size of the home you have

you're gonna need some bottles of bangle

okay you may need just three bottles you

may need 10 I don't know it depends on

your home size okay

you need this stuff once you get a hold

of bangle the next thing that you're

gonna do is you're gonna go into your

home and you're gonna spray down the

house you're gonna spray down the house

you're gonna spray this everywhere

you're gonna spray up under all the

kitchen cabinets under all the cabinets

in the bathrooms you're gonna spray all

the baseboards you're gonna spray the

window seals you're gonna spray

everywhere you have to spray this stuff


okay it's very important that you do and

it's very important that you probably

plan to not spend the night in the house

that night if I were you because it's

just gonna be there's a lot of work that

has to go on

Bango people nothing else nothing else

this stuff works faster and it lasts

longer than anything on the market trust

me all right

after you have sprayed down the entire

house with the bangle the next thing

that you're going to need to do is you

go and by the way make sure you use the

tube that's attached to the back okay

make sure you use this all right what

you have to do now is get to the real

point of this roaches are hiding behind

your drywall okay especially if you're

in an apartment if you live in an

apartment building and you call the

pesticide coming to come out and spray

or whatever it's irrelevant because the

roaches are behind the drywall and

they'll go hang out in the drywall

along the rest of all the other

apartments that's why you have to follow

everything I'm going to tell you because

you have got to understand an apartment

building is just a big mansion with a

bunch of little a bunch of rooms in it

it's all it is okay so it's just like

you're putting a bandaid on it with

pesticide companies you got to get this

use a tube and every single crack that

you see look up under all the cabinets

where all the piping comes out from the

wall all the baseboards pull out the

air-conditioned um you know the squares

on the unsealing where your air can come

Zout unscrew those on the side of that

you'll see some cracks usually you got

to pull out the refrigerator pull out

the stove pull out pull out everything

folks pull out pull I'll pull out your

kitchen drawers spray this stuff

everywhere look closely along the walls

pull up the corners of the carpet there

could be holes that live go behind the

drywall spray this stuff Spray stuff

spray behind the drywall that's the

biggest problem the roaches are behind

the drywall you got to spray this stuff

behind the drywall now once you have

followed those steps okay once you have

followed those steps now you have to

seal all the cracks when you seal all

the cracks the roaches even if even if

you don't kill off everything in your

house or an apartment or townhome by

spraying behind the drywall but you want

to get this stuff behind the drywall as

much as you can even up in the attic if

you can now you have to seal the cracks

every crack crank and guess what it

could take hours are you gonna invest

the time like I did my home's 5000

square feet it took a week to do it but

I did it and I've never seen the ropes

in five years because I put in the work

what you want to do you have two options

you can either egg go get a caulking gun

and go get some caulk all right the

caulking gun is cheap five bucks the

caulk is cheap

a dollar 59 for a bottle call right but

probably using cult is that eventually

the cult is going to break apart because

of the weather change okay so it is

cheaper to use cult but it could in a

year or so of six months you're gonna

always have to keep checking it what I

would do if you have the money is buy

this stuff here maybe you've seen this

on TV but now you can get in a retail

flex flex glue comes out clear alright

in this tube these are expensive

they're like twelve dollars each it's

gonna take some money depending upon the

size of your home like I told y'all this

is gonna take some money you're gonna

get the flex and you're gonna use flex

or the caulk to seal up every single

tiny crack that there is in your home

and it could take hours okay

as a matter of fact and your kitchen

with the baseboards is in the cabinets

meet or in your bathroom where the

baseboards are and the cabinet's are

there like there could be like some big

holes like this big you can take

something like a towel or rag and stick

it in there and then seal the the rag to

the big hole you can find things find

something of big texture to sealed up

the real big holes and then at this you

can get a piece of wood cardboard or

whatever if you have a big hole that's

you know big you got to find something

to put there and then seal it up okay

you have got to seal up every single

crack in your home if it's an apartment

or if is a townhouse or a house it's

just gonna depend you know alright this

is what it is you gotta put in the work

man this is why you continue to see

roaches when you call this this

pesticide companies is because the

roaches are hiding behind the drywall

they're having babies behind the drywall

and if there's water leaks back there

guess what they grow right off of that

water okay

you got to stop the roaches from coming

in your home now I got two minutes left


I've told you exactly what I did and

what you need to do now the other part

of this is you're

sliding doors now for me I don't have

much of a backyard just a bunch of grass

back there I could care less I don't go

in my backyard for any reason okay now

with the sliding doors it's always still

cracks that the roaches can get in the

cockroaches or whatever they can get

into tiniest holes in it yet there'll be

a big cockroach take a wire hanger and

go to your sliding doors or your back

doors whatever type of door it is and if

you can stick a wire hanger through

anything guess what a rose can get

through it also what you need to do is

go to Lowe's or Home Depot and buy some

door molding you buy some door molding

to put around the door and in the door

seal oh and then what you should do or

you decide if you want to is seal up

that door if you want to or you can just

keep putting door mouldings until you

get the right amount a good idea is to

at night shine a flash light through to

see if you see that any light come

through usually that may work but I have

all of my sliding doors sealed because I

make sure no cockroaches can crawl in

okay and I have a seal around my front

door this is how you get rid of roaches

once and for all

you will never need to watch another

video this is it this is the process

every person has to go through no matter

what size house you have an apartment

townhouse or a home you have to do this

and this is what I have not seen a roach

in my house and by the way once a month

or twice a month just to make sure spray

this around the outside of your house it

kills off ants and all other types of

bugs which will also keep lizards away

if you live down south peace

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