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How to Get Rid of Roaches Fast | Getting Rid of Cockroaches in your House without an Exterminator

hi my name is chip Marshall and today I

want to talk about how to get rid of

roaches the first thing you need to know

is that this is a comprehensive process

and there is no single method or product

that will get rid of roaches on its own

many exterminators actually believe that

they're even harder to get rid of than

bed bugs now

don't let me scare you away why they are

generally difficult to eliminate you can

absolutely do it without an exterminator

and save a lot of money in the process

if you follow a few important steps in

this video I will show you all of the

steps you need to take right now to get

rid of roaches in your house apartment

or car I'm going to show you the exact

process that a pest control expert would

use I will also show you a natural way

to get rid of cockroaches without using

chemicals like I said this will be a

comprehensive process and you'll likely

still have some questions after this

video so I put together a step-by-step

cockroach elimination guide on my blog

this will answer all of your questions

and show you every single step you need

to take down to the finest detail to get

rid of roaches in your house or

apartment this guide is the best

resource you will find anywhere on the


pertaining to finding and getting rid of

cockroaches fast all you need to do is

visit my blog and you can have that

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roaches okay let's get started

step number one preparation this is very

important remove all the items from your

cabinets drawers and anywhere else in

and around your kitchen and bathrooms

place food items in the refrigerator or

an airtight plastic bins if possible

whatever you can't fit in the

refrigerator just remove it from the

treatment areas altogether this will be

a lot safer we don't want to contaminate

any of your belongings also get rid of

any other trash clutter and debris we

don't want to start cleaning and

scrubbing down these areas yet because

we don't want to flush the roaches

to other parts of the house simply prep

these areas so they're ready to be

treated step number two find the hot

spots cockroaches will thrive in areas

that provide food moisture and tight

shelter like cracks and crevices you

probably already have a good idea where

they are in your own home but here is a

list of common areas you may find more

cabinets cabinet latches drawers

microwave coffeemaker knife blocks

refrigerator stoves plumbing and

plumbing voids inspect your kitchen and

bathroom with a flashlight to find all

the hotspots step number three apply a

barrier to secondary treatment areas

we're going to start getting rid of

cockroaches by protecting other areas

around the house first the kitchen and

bathroom are your primary treatment

areas because they have food and water

resources bedrooms and other living

areas are the secondary treatment areas

we want to treat the secondary rooms

first to prevent the roaches from

flushing into other areas of the house

Spray a barrier of protection in the

crevice where your carpet or floor meets

the wall there are a few different items

you can use for this check out my

cockroach elimination guide for the one

that I prefer to use and I'll also give

you a natural alternative step number

four crack and crevice treatment in the

primary areas in step 2

we identified all of the cockroach

hotspots now it's time to get rid of

them it is important that you wear a

respirator to protect yourself for these

two treatments we're going to treat

these areas in two stages first we're

going to use a pest control dust this is

going to give us long term residual

protection apply the dust with a hand

duster to all possible cracks and

crevices where they may be hiding now or

in the future for stage two of this

process we're going to use an aerosol

cockroach spray for deeper penetration

this product will kill roaches the

fastest and also flush them out of their

hiding places so as they flee these

areas they'll run into the other control

methods that we applied again in the

cockroach elimination guy

I'll show you which products to use for

these two stages where to get them as

cheap as possible and how to use them

properly and as always I will provide

you with a natural alternative for each

step step number five repeat wait 24

hours assess the infestation and repeat

the process as necessary so like I said

before you probably still have some

questions and there are a few more

important details you need to know about

before you get started so just visit my

blog and in that guide you'll find more

extremely valuable pest control tips

prevention measures and also some

frequently asked questions to help you

along the way

with this guide there is absolutely no

reason you can't get rid of cockroaches

without an exterminator and save a ton

of money in the process

that concludes my video on how to get

rid of cockroaches I wish you the best

of luck with your pest control project

and I hope to see you very soon

thanks for watching