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Clean Cockroaches Smell Better

cockroaches whether you love them or

they flew they creep you out

you can't escape them a fascinating

study reveals that cockroaches sharpen

their senses by cleaning their antennas

by comparing groomed and ungroomed

cockroach antennas researchers from

North Carolina State University found

that the cockroaches not only clean off

particles to get stuck to their antennas

they also clean off secretions that are

naturally produced by their own body

when the cockroaches do not groom

themselves a shiny substance accumulates

on their antennas the groomed

cockroaches were better able to smell

and sense their surroundings which in

turn helps them to do things that are

crucial to their survival like find food

since danger and find a mate North

Carolina State University entomologist

Coby Shaw who worked on the study said

grooming is necessary to keep these

foreign and native substances at a

particular level the data could be

helpful in making more effective

pesticides that the roaches would

consume while cleaning their intended

other insects like house flies and ants

also clean their antennas but they use

different methods of grooming