How To Design A Shopify Home Page THAT SELLS!

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40% of your website visitors will want

to check out your home page no matter

what page they initially landed on

according to research from Co marketing

yet so many people have poorly designed

home pages that literally scares off

your potential customers before they

even take a look at your product run

today I'll show you what exactly goes

into a great Shopify homepage how you

can design your own home page to elevate

and increase sales and of course I'll

show you examples of this so if that all

sounds good to you it'd be much

appreciated if you give this video a

thumbs up and then let's get started so

number one is your USP which stands for

unique selling proposition in marketing

and this should be very clear clearly

displayed in the home page at the at the

top so you're gonna have your banner and

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